Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Counting down.....

Christmas is almost here. I've got only two more gifts to purchase but that will be easy. Do you like to wrap presents? I don't. Not at all. Probably because I do such a dismal job. I just found out today that one of our local upscale stationery stores does gift wrapping on packages you bring in. The price is very reasonable and they really do a fancy job. Something to remember for next year.

I did some baking yesterday and today and took it to the senior complex where Mom lives. Some of the residents that live there don't have family close or they don't have family that bake or they don't bake themselves. Anyway, they always enjoy it when I bring sweets.

Oatmeal Cookies with pecans, coconut and peppermint chips!

Sweety's grandmother's Sugared Walnuts

A beautiful chocolate cake from a recipe given to me recently by my friend, Wave.

I didn't decorate as much this year. It looks pretty though. Just enough. However, I have big plans for next year. I have a good friend that is a supreme Christmas decorator and she's volunteered (ok, I kinda told her) to help me (translate that to be she'll do most of the work and I'll tell her how great she is). Then I'll take her to lunch, buy her presents and let her know how much she's appreciated. Maybe, just maybe, she'll do it every year.

Our living room.

This sweet vintage bird ornament is my first ornament. I was 10 months old when it first hung on our tree. A true antique!

My mom bought this for her grandmother for Christmas in the 1950's and now it's mine. Something we'll continue to pass down through the family.

Sweety and I took our grandson's to ride the local Santa Express Train in the town next to ours. It's a regular train and the ride takes an hour and a half. Cookies, hot chocolate, elves, singing, dancing, stories, all the boys and girls in their jammies, and of course, Santa himself. We had such a great time and the kids were very appreciative.

What do you think folks? I think this really is Santa!!!

Our little grandson will be a big seven years old on Christmas Eve!!! Happy Birthday, Samuel!