Friday, February 20, 2009

Duda Daze

Last summer I did a post about Diane Duda. Check out her blog, Duda Daze. She's does wonderful and whimsical artwork. She had mentioned that she did commission work so I had her do one for me of Maggie and our other Scotty, Marjorie.

I have it hanging in my kitchen to keep Raggedy Ann and Andy company.

A few weeks ago Diane sent me an email and told me to check out the latest issue of the Artful Blogging Magazine.

The Artful Blogging is a feast for the eyes. It highlights some of the most talented bloggers out there.

This is a great article that they did about Diane.

Holy Moly, Marcaroni!! What is this!

Yea!!!! It's the picture that Diane did for me. There's Maggie!!!!! Of all the pictures that Diane has done they included Maggie's! How cool is that?

Congratulations, Diane! You deserve the spotlight!