Friday, August 13, 2010

I found my camera!! Silly me. It was sitting in plain sight. After a summer of babysitting the grandsons my house is less than organized. I went in the bedroom and there it was. Sitting on a pile of "to file and put away items."

I love this time of year. As much as I love the boys, love them passionately, it feels good to think of getting back to a routine. I have plans to clean and organize, eat healthier and exercise. Relax more and spend time with family and friends. I have mountains of quilts to work, piles of books to read and events and retreats to plan. So even though I should have more time, my calendar fills up quickly. One thing I'm going to do, or attempt to do, is pencil in a "no committment - just for me" day at least once a week. I'd like to sit outside, weather permitting, and read or take myself out for a cup of tea and read a book at the local bakery (I promise I won't cheat!) or put in a movie and watch it in bed. Oh, that sounds so nice!

Although we have a pet door in the slider in our bedroom, during good weather we leave our patio slider in the dining room open so Maggie can come in and out as she pleases. It backfires sometimes though. She'll sit in front of the dining room slider if it happens to be closed for some reason and not think to go out the pet door. So I'm yelling, "little door, Maggie, little door" as we both run to the bedroom. Out she runs, door guard flapping, Mommy out of breath. See I told you I needed to exercise!

I thought I would show you something that I use to alleviate a problem from having the slider in the dining room open.

It's a doily I found at an antique store a few years back. Can you guess what it is used for?

Still guessing? Here's a clue.....

It's a doily to put on your dishes, in this instance my sugar bowl, to keep the flies out. Isn't that clever. I'm always amazed that years ago they had items for every little detail.

This is how it looks in the kitchen. Pretty and practical!

I hope you all have a refreshing weekend filled with your loved ones and good friends!!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Love your doily!! I like the idea of penciling in a no committment day....wonderful idea.

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny Miss Jean -- I'm sure glad you found your camera!

Anonymous said...

So glad you found your camera Jean!! I know how frustrating that can be!

I was imagining your little round with Maggie and laughing.

I have seen these neat doilies in magazines and love them!! I have thought about trying to take a doily and crochet some beads around it to make one of these. Alas I am not the best crocheter so it has been a thought only!!

Have more company this week- Bill's folks.

bee blessed

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

I love the doily - but it would never work in the summer time here - we have so much humidity that the sugar would be one big lump. That is one of the things I miss about living in CA.

So glad you found your camera. I know how frustrating that can be as I am constantly loosing things. I blame it on the "ghosts" that live in my house.


The Strawberry Mallard said...

Oh I like that very much Miss Jean...and we KNOW how happy you have to be now that you and your camera have been reunited!

ChaChaneen said...

I have a similar one too and I use it for my drink pitcher - ice tea, punch, margaritas, etc.

Those would make beautiful Christmas or Birthday gifties! Hmmmm I'll have to keep my eye open for those at antique stores and such.