Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Did you have a fun New Year's Eve? We certainly did. We had friends over and after dinner we played a rousing game of London Rummy, which is a progressive rummy. It was a blast! I'm not naming names, but the person who won is! All this while watching three Scotties run around the house like a herd of ...Scotties! Back and forth! In and Out! Stopping to rest and then off they went again. It was so funny. Later in the evening Maggie kept looking at me like, "when can I go to bed, Mommy? I'm tired!" Finally Duhgall and Fiona curled up in a chair in the living room and Maggie literally went to bed. Did I take any pictures? Oh, no! That would have been too logical.

So, from Maggie and the rest of my family....

From our house to yours...We wish you a New Year filled with happiness, health and a promise of new beginnings.


Oreo said...

Sounds like a fun and exciting evening!! Us Scotties LOVE to run huh?? Relax and enjoy your day today!!
Happy New Year!!


ChaChaneen said...

Ha Ha ~ Happy New Year! I know who was visiting you for your party night, that is so fun! We stayed home with the kids to eat snacks, play games, sing and watch the fireworks on tv. I actually slept in until 8am - that's rare these days. ha ha Have a lovely day!

Brenda said...

That is our Ladybug. She creeps closer and closer toward the bedroom when she is getting tired. We had the granddaughters last night and she followed hubs to bed but wanted to follow the girls around too. She was so torn. Happy New Year!

Sinta Renee said...

Happy new year to you! I will look forward to seeing what you are up to in 2011!

Thimbleanna said...

Happy New Year Miss Jean! It sounds like you (and Maggie!) had a WONDERFUL New Year's Eve. What a way to start the New Year!

MountainBlessings said...

Happy New Year! I hope your new year is filled with happiness and many blessings. I heard the mention of scotties so I had to stop by. There is no cuter or noble face than that of a scotty. My human child is a scottie to, well he prefers to be called Scott. He once asked, Mom wasn't I scotty enough? LOL, he seems to think my fur scotties are a little spoiled, they get to lay all over the couch and he wasn't allowed to put his feet on there! What can I say, they rule! Thanks for sharing, blessings, Marla

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

...and the dogs slept the next day - worn out from their New Year's eve excursion! I am in for more rummy - but THIS time I will win! hardy har har har!

All the very, very best for a fun and wonderful New Year!

B, B, S, D, F and S
and A.J.