Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Time

I still can not figure out how to load new pictures onto my computer. So until I get the kinks worked out, I thought I'd post a picture from last year. This is Maggie making friends at a pumpkin patch up at Apple Hill, California.

Have a great fall weekend!


ChaChaneen said...

We went to Apple Hill a couple of weeks ago and only got through half of it because of all the traffic. I want to return very soon because it will be gone by Thanksgiving but I'm still looking for a new car. Ugh!

I'm laughing now because I realized I bought some apples today to make a crumble for dessert... my subconscious really wants a caramel apple again. ha ha

Glad to hear your sweet man is healing. What was the update from the revisit after the cat scan phone call you got?

Anonymous said...

Looks like she was just trying to get a little girl talk in.