Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maggie's Excellent Adventure

I got my computer back from the local "computer hospital" and I figured out how to download pictures again. I thought I would show you some of the pictures from our recent trip to Denver.

We took Maggie with us, naturally. The weather was going to be cool so there was no concern for her safety if we needed to make pit stops. She is sitting on our pillows (we always take our own) but went back and forth to her dog bed, as well. She doesn't look like it but she is in there safe and sound. First of all she has on a harness, not just a collar. Then she is attached to this which fastens into the seat belt latch. This prevents her from being hurt of running away in case of an accident, a sudden stop, or just opening the door. Using the harness is the key. If you just used a collar and stopped, your dog could get choked, or worse. She loves her little perch and travels so well. She is able to move around a little, see the sights and nap. See the cubby to the right with the water bottle in it? There is one on the other side that I filled with her dog food for snacking. Hubs kept an eye on her using the mirror in the visor a.k.a. "Maggie Cam".

She loves going to Denver to visit our son because she also gets to visit his dog, Abby. They get along so well and are a big help patrolling for squirrels and bunnies. (I'm going to be doing another post soon on Abby. She is going to need a temporary home while our son goes overseas again and I will be asking for help.)

Our son's yard is huge by California standards. Maggie just loves it. One of her favorite things to do is to sit waaaaaaaaay to the back at the top of the slope and survey all of the surroundings. She doesn't have that luxury here at home and I felt bad for her when we left.

On our way home we stopped at a wonderful rest stop in the canyon outside of Denver just before you get to Glenwood Springs on Highway 70. Maggie got really excited because she saw her first snake! I couldn't take a picture as I was trying to keep her away from it. Hubs said it could be poisonous (something about the shape of the head) so we didn't want to take any chances.

Maggie was really excited to see the Colorado River for the first time.

We walked down and she got to get a drink of clear, cool water.....

....and immediately peed! My apologies to the people who get their drinking water from the Colorado River!

We also stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats outside of Salt Lake City. They are beautiful! We tasted the water and it was way saltier than you can imagine.

I'm really proud of our little Maggie. She was absolutely no trouble on our trip. She's very patient in the morning at the motels while I get dressed so she can go outside. The best thing is she never gets car sick.

We stayed in the Larkspur Hotel Truckee, California on our last night coming home. Like the other motels we stayed in, they let you bring your dog but this establishment takes it a step further. They have a container of dog treats on the counter when you check in. They also give you a dog bowl, a dog chew toy and one of these to hook on the leash. What a great place to stay!!!

I'll post some more pictures of our trip soon. We ate at some amazing restaurants and you have got to see the food!!!


Thimbleanna said...

Ok, that apology comment made me laugh out loud! I can't wait to see more pictures -- it looks like you had a wonderful trip. What beautiful country to travel though -- and at a perfect time of the year!

Brenda said...

Looks like the perfect trip. Ladybug rides really well also. We have taken her on two short vacations so far but we have trouble finding nice places to stay that accept dogs. We make the best of it though. She loves to go on hikes with us also but we found in the U.P. that there were a lot of state lands we could not take her on because of bear. We did not do our homework well enough. I will be waiting to see the rest of your pics.

Anonymous said...

What a great travel companion. Can't wait to see more pictures.

ChaChaneen said...

Maggie is better than small children on a long trip! What a great companion she is and so adorable! The picture of the salt flats was beautiful!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

She is the perfect little girl to take along for fun! HI MAGGIE!
Oh, btw, she is precious looking out the window. If only we could tell what they were thinking, huh?