Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sorry - still can't load pictures!

I needed to take Maggie to get her hair done yesterday.  She was long overdue.  In California I took her every two weeks for a wash and comb-out.  It was her spa/play day.  Since being in Colorado, I had only taken her once and hadn't been happy with them so I've been searching.  I checked to get reviews but the best places are way downtown Denver and too far to go to.  One of my neighbors suggested a place near here, but the reviewers on Yelp all said, "don't take your dogs here!"

The one place that was near our home and had great reviews was, of all places, PetSmart.  Now I admit, I'm a snob when it comes to certain things.  Not all things, but a few.  When it comes to Maggie I want the very best.  But I knew she needed done so I figured once wouldn't hurt and I could tell by her demeanor how she liked it when I got there.

I was so pleasantly surprised!  One good thing was that her groomer, Jamie, had owned a Scottie so knew what she needed and the Scottie idiosyncrasies (they hate their nails to be clipped).  When I picked Maggie up, Jamie was sitting down holding her and Maggie was happy.  Maggie looked GORGEOUS and Jamie proceeded to tell me what the previous groomer had done wrong and what she will do in the future to get her into the perfect Scottie shape.  Whew!!!!  Also, I can set up the twice a week schedule like I had in California for the same price.  The "regular" grooming places here are much more expensive.

After we picked her up we went to the local shopping center with her.  Every Friday night they have a live band with music and it's great fun to walk around and people watch.  It's like one big party.  Maggie really enjoyed herself and got lots of smiles, although, I suspect some people thought she looked a little "girly" with two pink polka dot bows on her butt!  I, on the other hand, think she looks ADORABLE!  You just have to picture her running around the yard, pink bows and all, chasing rabbits!

My advise for the week is to check out for reviews and to realise that some places, even though you don't think they are worth going to, might just be the answer!

Have a great weekend!  We're off to the local Farmer's Market!  To my friends and family in California - Stay Cool!


Cathy said...

We have our dog, a Corgi, groomed at Petsmart too. I've been happy with the service and our dog is happy to go there so I think they must treat him well.

Nicole said...

We used to take Ozzie to Petsmart in Salinas before we moved. He is a handful, but they always made him look fabulous. When we moved, since we had such great luck with Petsmart, I took him to the one in Sonora. I warned them they needed to have someone experienced groom him because he fights the whole experience. I came back two hours later, and the nit wits had just shaved his back and had given up. He looked absurd. They said they couldn't handle him. No charge, but now my dog looked ridiculous. The manager called about three months later to see why we hadn't been back, and I told her my sad story about the incompetents she has working for her. She said I should please try again and they could do the job for $85. What? Are you kidding me?

Brenda said...

We have a groomer just down the road from us that grooms Ladybug. She always does a great job with the Scottie cut and she comes out with a cute scarf for the season. But for some reason this past time it seemed as though she forgot to cut her nails. She is tip tapping just as much as before across the floor. She is 35.00 but we only take the Bug every other month, if she needs a bath between I manage to get it done, but she is not impressed with me at all.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh shoot! If ever we needed a photo! You do tell a great story though and I can just picture how beautiful Maggie looks!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jesse would know what to do if we took him to the groomers. We get out in the yard with the hose and wash him down!

Sounds like you settled in which is so great!

bee blessed

Laura @Travelocafe said...

I hope that soon you'll be able to post photos again. Lovely blog.

Mumzie said...

Glad you found someone. Amy is missing her Scotties here in Escalon. I took Denver in for a nail clipping... and the funny thing is that Denver gives "Scottie Kisses" even though he's a Blue Heeler. Which reminds me she wants a picture of Connor for her wall. Oh well, live goes on. Hugs to Maggie.