Saturday, September 29, 2012


Denver has been selected as the site for the first Presidential Debate.  While that is wonderful and I would love to go see my favorite candidate (whose initials are M.R.!!), I'm going to stay home that day.  Highway 25 runs smack dab through Denver and because of the close proximity to the debate site, they plan on closing - yes closing - a good stretch of it that day.  On a Wednesday, on a work day.  It's going to cause quite a traffic mess and I'm imagining that the main street that our little track runs off of may even see some heavier than usual traffic with people trying to connect to one of the other freeways.  So I think I'll try to stay home as much as I can, although I do have an appointment later in the day.

What do you think?  Are you going to watch the debates?  Are you tired of the rhetoric?  Is your mind made up?  One of our local channels is doing something which I feel is great.  While being strictly impartial to party affiliation, they are looking at the campaign commercials and researching as to whether what is being said is true or false.  You'd be surprised - or not - as to the amount of stuff out there that is totally no true.  It's the old don't believe everything that you read - or hear.

My advise?  Pray about it and vote with your heart and your head.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Linda said...

Great post! I think it's really cool that your local news is doing that. I personally will probably limit the amount of the debates I will watch. I already have my favorite too, M.R., but I guess if I was undecided I would probably watch more.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Oh yes we have been watching and will keep watching the debates. Gary is so into this years elections. We have never had a sign before in our yard but you should see it now...Oh my stars it looks like signs have grown up like weeds in my front lawn! Us too M.R. he is all over my lawn along with all the other Republicans. I came home from work one day and there all the signs were.
Sending hugs, Elizabeht

Thimbleanna said...

I hope it won't be too much of a mess for you Sweet Miss Jean! I'll definitely be watching, although I'm quite sure there's nothing that could be said to make me change my vote. Sadly, a lot of people don't use their head when voting LOL. Fun post!

Gloria said...

We had two baby possums fall into our window well (no basement but used to open up crawl space vents) and we put a couple of boards in the window well to help them crawl out....gone the next day!! I noticed your comment on another blog, I, too, am from Michigan (Ypsi) and was there when George Romney was Gov!!