Saturday, September 21, 2013

Catching up....

Oh, how I wish this was my Hollyhock!  Sadly, it isn't.  It belongs to my best friend Nikki.  We both love Hollyhocks, in particular the old fashioned single ones.

I had great plans to create a perennial garden here when we moved but so far I haven't done so.  The ground here is terrible!!!!!  The yard is a HUGE 1/3 acre and I can't imagine planting all of that.  I do have a small little area near the patio that I think I will attempt to plant next spring.  There is a tree next to it and I put bark around it and raked the little planter area.  So what happened?  Maggie and the bunnies think it's their personal play yard. Bark everywhere.  Dig holes in the dirt.  What a mess. I'll probably have to put a little fence around it until it's established.

You may have read about the floods here in Colorado.  Being a newbie here it's difficult to wrap my brain around the devastation.  The sun is shining today but there are still roads closed, houses destroyed, people unaccounted for.  They want to get the roads back by December 1st.  At least that is the plan.  It is all going to depend on how soon winter hits us.

We didn't have floods where we live.  However, there were lots of leaks in basements including ours.  What a mess.  I had to go purchase a wet vacuum and I vacuumed up at least 4 gallons of water.  It was  in one part of the basement and luckily didn't spread to the entire area.  We had to move so much stuff that my straightened out basement now looks exactly (or worse) than when we first moved in.  We have an insurance adjuster coming Monday and then will have to call a contractor if it's not covered.  We have no idea where the water was coming in from.  Please pray we will find the problem and it will be a quick fix before we get more rain.

More importantly, please pray for the people of our beautiful state that have lost so much.  I'm proud of our state.  I've never seen an area where people come together so selflessly.  Our state motto?



Lynette said...

Oh, gosh, I see your basement leaked. :( So did the rental house our daughter's in up in Boulder. Fortunately, they're far enough away from the creek that it wasn't anything other than overflow of rainwater the day they got that 18 inches in only 15 hours. I can't imagine that strong a downpour for that long, and we just moved out here from Florida last summer!

Hey - how much are you asking for the Holly Hobby? She sure is pretty.

Lynette said...
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Thimbleanna said...

You should be proud of your fellow neighbors. The floods have been awful, but we haven't heard all the whining and complaining about "where is our aid", etc. Good for you guys!

Sorry to hear about your basement. Those basement water problems can be a pain to figure out (speaking from long-term-pain experience LOL.) Good Luck and I hope you'll get some insurance help!

Lynette said...

Hey, Jean - I keep forgetting to come back for her - I'll take Holly :) But I can't write a check until the 1st. (Water heater, new braces started for 15yo, and brake job on the car have wiped my wallet out until then.)

Hope it went well with your basement stuff? Did they find where it came from? Our 19yo got kicked out of her off-campus rental - FEMA made them leave 2 days ago, saying it was no longer habitable (massive mold issues). She's still trying to find where she can live now! The school and professors are all being very understanding to the kids who are stuck in housing problems right now. It seems like it never ends, eh?