Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pie Oh My!

I love to bake.  Cook, not so much.  Since moving to Colorado baking has been a challenge.  It's the high altitude thing.  You have to make adjustments to recipes:  add more flour, decrease the baking soda, adjust the temperature, etc., etc., etc..  Problem is, there isn't one fix for all recipes, so there is a lot of experimenting.  This involves baking for cakes, mostly, but can also be for cookies.

My son has been asking for a coconut cream pie so I finally got around to making one last night.   I must admit that I used a frozen Marie Calendar's pie crust to expedite the process.  Her crusts are really, really good so I recommend them highly.  The recipe for the pie came from Allrecipes.com and you can find the recipe I used HERE.

Oh, my goodness!!!  You have to try this recipe.  It's wonderful not to mention easy.  The filling calls for three cups of half and half so, to quote Ina Garten, "how bad could that be?"  Our son doesn't care for meringue so I used whipped cream for the top as the recipe calls for.

He and my husband thought it was the best pie they had ever eaten.  Aaron said I could sell them!  I'm certainly not bragging, but since my baking skills have been sorely lacking here, it was good for my ego.

Do you see the cute Scottie salt and pepper shakers?  The recipe calls for salt but not pepper obviously. I just wanted to show them off.  My BFF in the whole wide world, Nikki, sent them to me.

This evening I have plans that include a cup of tea, a slice of pie and a good movie.  What plans do you have?

Have a lovely day!!!


Salmagundi said...

I've lived in Colorado most of my life, so my recipes were adjusted long ago. But I did live in a low altitude for 5 years, and couldn't cook anything decent. My family was glad to move me back to Colo., so they could have a decent meal again. Your pie looks lovely and yummy! Sally

JoAnne said...

I had to do high altitude directions when we lived in Arizona, so I've been there. I love pie! I think it is one of the best things about living here in Indiana--its pretty much pie heaven!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh Yum Miss Jean! That pie looks wonderful! Like you, I prefer to bake. I would have a hard time with the high altitude thing. I tried to make my favorite cookies for my aunt at her home in Utah once and they were a fail. So sad, LOL.

And shoot -- your last post reminded me that Netflix stopped their relationship with Brit tv programs -- that explains why I couldn't find Mr. Selfridge when I was looking this weekend. I was hoping they'd figure that out. I think I might check out Acorn tv -- supposedly they have all the shows we'll be missing on Netflix!

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Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Pie, tea and a movie! Sounds wonderful. My kind of evening!

Teresa said...

Hi, Jean! I did not know you moved to Colorado. It is beautiful there. I love good Coconut Cream Pie, and so I pinned the recipe on my "Sweet Treats" board on Pinterest! I hope you, Maggie, Molly and hubby are doing well!!

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