Friday, January 16, 2009

Contest and Maggie

I attempted all day yesterday to do this post but Blogspot would not cooperate so I apologize for the delay. I had no idea that Maggie's birthday and the day that I choose the winner, Tuesday, January 20th, is also our Inauguration Day here in the States. So two great events on one day, how cool is that!?!

With that said, here are the prizes for the contest. In honor of Maggie, some good Scottish Tea. We're big tea drinkers in our house! A mug for the tea (I'll never spell party the same again). A copy of the book Marley and Me which is so wonderful and makes Maggie look like Mother Teresa (sorry....). Lastly a beautiful scarf knit by none other than my Mom. If red isn't your color you can let me know what color you want and Mom will whip it up in an hour. She's fast and loves to make them. So keep entering here and I'll choose next Tuesday evening. *I forgot to metion that the winner will also receive a donation given to the animal shelter or animal rescue agency of their choice.

A friend of mine also owns a Scottish Terrier. I say "own" loosley because if you have a Scottish Terrier you know that they actually "own" you. Anyway, she wants me to let everyone know how unique Maggie is. In other words, not all Scottish Terriers are chewers. Her Scotty is not a chewer. He is very sophisticated and genteel and very much the gentleman. "Yes, you are, Dughall!" Our previous Scotty, Marjorie, was an angel from heaven. Never chewed, never barked, sweet, sweet, sweet.

With that said, here is the latest from Maggie!

This is what's left of one of my slippers. I was upstairs on the computer and things got a little too quiet. Then she came up and sat by me with this look that could melt your heart, "I'm sorry, Mommy!" I guess knowing when you have done something wrong is the first step to turning your life around.

Three pairs of slippers - $60
Two pairs of tennis shoes - $70
One entire sprinkler system - $$$$
One handmade quilt that I made - $200
Countless chew toys - $30
Two decorator pillows from a new couch - $75
One dog bed - $30
Oh, I forgot - One Dyson vacuum cleaner cord! - $30

One little Scottish Terrier named Maggie - Priceless!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Maggie is a spit fire.Charli does things like this when she is left home alone. I think the terriers can be quite tempermental but we love them just the same :>)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh..oh...oh What is up with you, my little half sister? Don't ya know dat yer motha tis go'in to skin yar ars alive, she is now isn't she? Yar makin' us Scotties look to be a bit o' a bad bunch..yes ye are, my lil' sister. So I say to you, you betta be straighten'in up yerself otherwise I'll have to deal with ye me-self. Now scoot along now..little lassy..and be on yer bestest behavior. It'll be the best advise I've given ye. If yar goin' to chew on something...chew on yer nails!

Love, yer big brotha,
Duhgall P. ("P" for Perfect!) ha!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

PS: My mum says "NICE gifts!"


Teresa said...

And one Dyson cord $$$$ ??

But she is priceless and so adorable. I fell in love with her at first post!

Jean, working full time my time has not been my own. I have not quit my job, but I am looking for ways to be home. In the meantime, I really enjoy blogging and being a part of the blogosphere. So, I am back up and blogging. Thought I'd let you know.

Crafts a la Mode said...

Hello, you left a comment on Pam Kitty Morning about the thread holder. The directions were a little daunting when I first looked at them but when you go step by step, it makes sense. It's one of the truly satisfying crafts I made the last few months. Best wishes - your blog is very cute also. Linda

Linda said...

Hi I have just stumbled upon your blog. priceless. We have a westie pup. He is now 9mths old. I know where you are coming from . He is a chewer. We had a air purifier, my husband paid around $300.00 for it. One day it just stopped working. My husband took it apart and cleaned the filter. I even called the store re warranty. Well guess you know what happened he had chewed enough of the cord that it fried the motor. Boy was my husband mad. That was 3 mths ago. We have gone thru 3 bottles of biter apple. My beautiful bedroom furniture he chewed the egdge of an amrmoir, and my side table both being pine. We should be able to repair them. The stairs have also taken a beating. We give him lots of chew toys. He seems to be getting better. All we have to do is show him the bottle of bitter apple and he runs. He also likes to nip at you for attention. I can't wait for the nicer weather to come for he has a lot of energy. Well Good Luck I know I need it. Linda drop by sometime