Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Most of you know me as Miss Jean. Funny little name that was bestowed upon me by some friends that stuck. But I'm more than that. I'm Honey to my Sweety and Mom and Mommy to my children. Today is Redmond's tenth birthday. That day ten years ago was the start of my most important "job", that being Grandma Jean. I love both of the boys so much that my heart sometimes can't hold it all.

Today my heart is so sad when it should be happy. In our little corner of the world here in California we mourn for a little child, Sandra Cantu. Sandra was a mere eight years old. Doing all sorts of fun, little girl things, full of innocence and love. For some unknown and dreadful reason, that little life has been taken. She was missing from her home for almost two weeks. They found her yesterday, stuffed in a suitcase in the bottom of a holding pond. Explain to me why. Explain to me why there is someone out there so evil that they would do such a thing. As I was taking cupcakes to Redmond's class today for his birthday, I passed light post after light post all over town, still covered in posters asking for help in finding little Sandra. How could I be happy when there is a family so near to here that is going through such grief that I can't imagine?

Please pray that the Lord will wrap His arms around this family to help them through their grief. Please pray that whoever did this will be found so they are not out there to do it again.

Hug your loved ones and keep them close.


Susie said...

This was so sad. They held a candlelight vigil here in our town for her too. We've had two identical cases happen here (both 8 years old (one escaped and one was also murdered)
So heartbreaking..
Happy Birthday to your grandson. He's the same age as our #2 & 3 grandchildren. Fun age :)

Dandelion Quilts said...

It is so sad. It just baffles me how someone can do that to a child. They so just want to be loved.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Miss Jean. There is so much sadness out there. Thanks for the reminder to hug our loved ones. And Happy birthday to your little grandson.

Anonymous said...

When I hear this I get so angry inside! It's happening more, and more often, and why? Children can't even play out side in their own front yards any more. They can't even go to bed at night without parents worrying they will be snatched up out of their own beds. I don't understand this at all. What is going on in our world?

The Green Pea said...

Hello Miss Jean,
Yes, it is so sad that little Sandra lost her life. I hope they catch who ever did this evil act and put them away for life. It is a terrible time when you can not take your eyes away from you children for a few minutes without the chance that they might be taken... God Bless her family. Sandi

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

May that little angel, Sandra, be at peace now. I pray for her family, too. Too close to home, huh Jean? But there are monsters everywhere and we just have to be careful with our loved ones.

Happy Easter, sweet friend Jean!!!