Friday, May 15, 2009

Tea for Two......or Five

This past week I went to my new friend Mumzie's house for tea. I met Mumzie through blogland and it turns out we live in the same little town. It was also a play day for our dogs, Maggie, Conner and Buddy. Maggie and Conner are Scottish Terriers and Buddy is a Jack Russell. We thought that Conner and Maggie should get acquainted. It turned out that all Conner could do was watch Maggie and Buddy, two little ADHD puppies running around all afternoon.

Conner is a big boy and is so sweet. He just wasn't quite sure about the "Buddy and Maggie thing". Much too hyper for him.

As you can see, Mumzie made us afternoon tea, complete with finger sandwiches, delightfull little lemon and chocolate muffins and wonderful tea. Mumzie and I had taken a tea class at the local junior college and she prepared two of the teas she had purchased there. It was a warm day, but we sat outside in her lovely covered patio and with a breeze, it was very restful. All in all, it was a great day.

I didn't get any really good pictures of Buddy and Maggie running around the yard. They were just too quick for my little camera.

Since it was a hot day, Mumzie got out the hose and showed me what Conner and Buddy like to do. We had no idea Conner could jump so high!

Buddy can do this all day. I'm talking all day! He brings you the ball but will he let go of it so you can throw it? No!

Who knew a wee lassie Scottish Terrier could wear out a Jack Russell Terrier!

I really cherish all of my friends. Those I've known for years as well as my new friends, including Mumzie. I thank God for bringing them into my life.

Thank you Mumzie for the wonderful day that Maggie and I had and for making us feel so special.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh how cute! It looks like it was a wonderful day for all!

My Sadie does not "drop it" either...she chases the ball, gets it and keeps it.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Scotties and Cuisine at Home - you sound just like our huMom.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Jean!! Catchin' up on some blog reading and it sounds like you and Yvonne had a lovely day together....and needless to say that the dogs did, too. Was Miss Maggersadoo all tuckered out?

Look at Conner! Those Scots DO have springs in their legs!!

hugs to all,

Skoots1moM said...

your yard is beautiful
jumped over from sweet cottage...
the doggies are adorable too!
too funny, my word verification for this comment is: herrosed...her rosed is pretty appropo for your yard :)

The Green Pea said...

It looks like a fun day, with the hose and the dogs cooling off. Conner can really jump high. Glad you had a wonderful day with Mummzie and the boys. Sandi

The Strawberry Mallard said...

Oh my gosh Jean ~ Jumping back to you via Becky and Scotties with and without ADHD ~ Talk about real beauty ~ once Gussie and Ryan start getting into this yard, it is going to look like a troop of bunny rabbits ran through it!
SO glad to meetcha!
Hugs, Nancy

Thimbleanna said...

How fun! It looks like you and Maggie had a wonderful day. Did Maggie learn that jumping trick?

Nicole said...

What fun! When I was a young married woman, I would have tea with my neighbor women from time to time, and I treasure those memories.

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

They are to adorable!! Janna