Friday, June 12, 2009

Growing Pots!

First of all, I'd like to thank Sweet Becky for the post she did of pictures of my garden. That was so thoughtful of her. The remarks have been overwhelming and very humbling. I don't think I'm so much of a great gardener as much as I just love my yard to look nice. Seriously folks, anyone can do this. All it takes is a little O.C.D. and a bottle of Motrin and you're off!

Many of you have asked about my "pot tree". (No, I'm not growing pot! Tee Hee!!!) I can't take credit for inventing this little beauty. I first saw it in a gardening magazine a few years back. Then I found one all made up at our wonderful little local nursery last year. I had planned on making it then but never got around to it. I had to find just the perfect spot in the yard for it so when I did this spring I gathered up all the materials and had at it. Of course that doesn't mean I didn't hit a few snags. It just wasn't coming together so I had to literally dust myself off and run to the nursery to look at their sample again and get some more advise. After that it was a piece of cake.

Directions from the magazine can be found here and here. I followed the directions pretty well with the following exceptions.

A. I didn't set my pots on newspapers. I first ran the re-bar into the ground and then surrounded it with bricks for the pots to set on. That would assure good drainage and an even base.

B. The size of my pots graduate from large to small, bottom to top. My pot sizes are (approximately):
Bottom: Standard clay pot 15"tall x 18" wide
Next: Standard clay pot 12"tall x 14" wide
Next: Azalea pot (squatty ones) 8" tall x 13" wide
Next: Azalea pot 7" tall x 12" wide
Top: Azalea pot 6 " tall x 9" wide

**Note: These sizes are approximate as it was difficult to measure them while they were planted. It would have been much more logical for me to record the measurements before I made it. I had no idea so many people would be asking about them. I could have done a nice little "How To" post. Bad Blogger! Bad Blogger!

C. After you get the re-bar into the ground, put the large pot on for the base and fill with dirt. The next step in critical. The next pot is not "balanced" on the rim of the base pot. It's partially buried at an angle. If you don't do this the whole thing just won't work. After the second pot is buried, thread the next pot on and angle it by balancing it on the rim of the pot below it. Use the pictures for your guide. After you have threaded each pot, add soil before putting the next pot on. You should have a little bit of the rod sticking out of the top when you are done threading the pots on. When you are all finished, you can plant it.

Please refer to the pictures and directions I linked and you should have no problems whatsoever. I promise! Keep in mind that because you are using clay pots and they are exposed you will need to water more often. Even the plants that take full sun need attention daily. Now that I have made one, I have ideas for others. How about one planted with all herbs or one planted with succulents? Endless!

Here's another idea. If you have a drip system you can hook your pots to it. Simply secure a drip line up the re-bar and add emitters on each pot as you are making it. I, however, do not have a drip system because my dog ate it but that's another story......

Thanks again for all of your kind words. If you ever need help, just email me. If you are near my little town in central California you could drop in for some sweet tea and a personal lesson.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Gardening!


The Green Pea said...

Jean, thank you for the wonderful pot tree (Hee-Hee). Once again your garden is beautiful and a lot of hard work..... Enjoy!! Sandi

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

I think I could make the pot tree with no trouble, but I doubt I could keep a flower growing in it.

If I want to have a flower for tomorrow, I might get lucky enough to purchase one today that would live overnight. LOL!!!

Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.


Linda said...

Oh my, Miss Jean, what time do you want Katie and me to join you in your garden!...I love tea and she does not eat plastic! Beautiful post. Thank you. Linda

PamKittyMorning said...


Mumzie said...

The pot tree looks GREAT! So cool...and of course your flowers are so well manicured and full of blooms. I want to try making one when we return from vacation. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to hop on over and check out the pictures Becky did of your wonderful garden! Thanks my friend, and see you soon.

Dena said...

Hi Jean, I popped over from Becky's place. Your garden is absolutely lovely and I adore your pot tree :)


Dawn said...

Oh Miss Jean you did a great job on the tutorial. Thanks so much for finding the instructions. We have a lot of flower pots left here by hubby's grandma so I'm going to see if I can round up some that will work!

Rhondi said...

Hi Jean
I saw your beautiful garden over at Becky's. I love al the interesting ways you plant and arrange your plants. It looks like a wonderful spot. And Ilike the pot tree too!
((hugs)) Rhondi

Mimi Sue said...

That is so gorgeous. Love the pot tree. We're putting in our yard so some of the details will have to wait until next year. (We're doing sprinkler systems, fences, cement, lawns, nothing fun). But I will definitely try one next year. Your garden is absolutely beautiful. Mimi

Elizabeth said...

You are TOO a wonderful gardener! And yes, I was in your town with Pam yesterday and there again TODAY to pick up stuff...sure wish I'd read your blog earlier because I SO would have shown up at your door!

Thimbleanna said...

Ouch -- that poor little Maggie's indiscretion has come up again LOL. Thanks for posting about the pots -- I was wondering how you made them. You yard is beautiful. Did I already tell you that? I told Becky. It's Gorgeous!!!

Mrs Peeks Farmhouse said...

Your Awesome! Thank you for the how to instructions... I cant wait to get started.
-Mrs Peeks Farmhouse

Elyse said...

hello miss jean!

i just popped over from becky's blog. your garden is amazing and inspiring! i love the mailbox-turned-birdhouse. the spoon perch is awesome!

you are so funny, too! a great read!


Nicole said...

That stack of topsy turvy pots is so fun! Whimsical and sweet---I love it.

Lallee said...

I love seeing your garden. Becky did a beautiful job with the pictures. You should be featured in a garden magazine, Jean! I always want more flowers when I see your garden. I have trouble keeping the pots I have watered. I do want to make a garden tree, so thank you so much for the directions! Enjoy your blooms.
Hugs and aroos,
Lallee and the gang

Anonymous said...

I was so inspired I built my Pot Tree TONIGHT! It is lovely! I will have my daughter take pictures of it soon. Thanks for the lovely idea!

Dreams and Decor said...

Your garden is so beautiful! Thanks so much for the directions for the tipsy pots! I've seen the kits at the Trade Days in Canton but didn't buy one; I'm so excited to see you can do it without the kit!!! Too cute!!! Excuse me while I run to Lowes to get my rebar....Thanks again, Patti