Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Lavender Day

I shared with you about our local Lavender Hollow Farm here last year. My BFF Nikki and I host a Lavender Lunch there for our quilt group, the Busy Bees, every year in June. We have a wonderful lunch, take in the beauty of the scenery, and, of course, shop. We had our third annual luncheon yesterday.

Hundreds of dried lavender bunches hang in the gift shop.

Lavender Butter Cookies!!!

Fields of flowers.

Alice, the owner, has an incredible garden of hollyhocks. She was so kind as to let Nikki and I help ourselves to some dried seeds.

It's all the little touches that make it so special.

In years past we have eaten outside. This year we were lucky enough to be able to eat inside. What a beautiful home!!! Nikki and I always do something special for the girls. This year we made lavender place mats. They also received little gift bags with lavender fabric, lavender linen spray and a pair of lavender garden gloves. All tied up with a little lavender bow and a bee! All throughout the year we are on the look out for lavender items.

The Busy Bees left to right: Miss Jean, Joey, Nikki, Cindy, Nanci, Wanett, Rose, and Marian.

After lunch we drove over the hill to Livermore to one of our favorite quilt shops. Can you say hot? I couldn't take a picture of it, but the thermometer on my car registered 108 degrees at one time. We had planned on visiting one of my favorite nurseries also, but we were all just to hot to go.

Sounds like a field trip for another day!


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, Miss Jean -- it looks like you had a wonderful time. Look at all that lavendar -- it's gorgeous. I'll bet everything smelled heavenly!

CIELO said...

Hi Miss Jean... you have such lovely blog, home and gardens.... I find peace here, and I like the aura that I perceive.... and by the way, you won our "Pfaltzgraff dinnerware" gift certificate.... Please send me your address and I'll send you the certificate as soon as I can... Congratulations!


Michele McLaughlin said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us! It looks like a great day and how lucky are your busy bees!

Mumzie said...

Looks like you gals had a wonderful time! I love the pictures and placemats. I'm still trying to catch up on all blog posts. Yvonne

Dawn said...

What a lovely place. I've enjoyed checking out the quilting blogs you share on your page. I tried quilting when I was a teenager but wasn't patient enough. I really enjoy looking at all the patterns and workmanship!

Simply Shelley said...

Looks like you girls had a lovely time together. I unnderstand about the weather it is hot here in Texas as well and very humid to boot.....doesn't make for a good day...


The Green Pea said...

Miss Jean, lovely post I have been there also. It is a wonderful place to have lunch and spend the day looking around. Alice is a sweet lady and works so hard all year to open for everyone to enjoy. Sandi

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Wow! You and Nikki have been busy BEES getting this all perfectly orchestrated. LOVE the placemats and the bags of treats. Always out of the box thoughtful, Jean! Hey, I had tea there a few weeks back and sat in that end chair - the closest one in the photo. Lovely place and Alice is so very sweet!


PS: They have THE BEST lavender and vanilla hand lotion. I use it every night before bed .... soothing and makes the sheets smell devine.

Lallee said...

WOW! I wish I could have come along. One of these days I'm going to visit a lavender farm! I can almost smell the lovely scent through your post. What a beautiful day with friends!

Rhondi said...

What a beautiful place. I'm sure y'all had a wonderful time. I cansmell the lavender from here :)

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