Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Great Scot!

Great Scots is a wonderful magazine devoted entirely to Scottish Terriers. It is published by Joseph and Charlotte Harvill. The magazine is a comprehensive resource of all things Scotty including health advise, fictional stories, poems, and history of the breed. In fact, our friend Wave is a regular contributor and her specialty is articles on Scottish Terrier collectibles.

This past May, the Harvills were travelling and made a stop at Wave's home. Sweety and I were lucky enough to be invited for a wonderful evening with the Harvills along with some of our friends who also have Scottys. Yes, of course, Becky and her Hubs were there!

The other day I was talking to Becky and she said, "Hey, I hear Maggie is going to be in the next issue of Great Scots!" The magazine has a section called Scotty Parade where owners can submit pictures of their Scottys. I was surprised since I hadn't sent Maggie's picture in.

Sure enough, I got my issue today and there she is!!!!! This is the picture that is in the magazine. I've posted in on my blog before and also had sent it in to our local newspaper to appear in their pet section.

I'm not quite sure who sent it in. Someone must have, or possibly the Harvill's saw it on my blog and copied it. Regardless of how it got there, I am thrilled to show her off to the world. There'll be no living with her now, though.

I'm a star Mommy! Have your people call my people!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Hi Maggie,

We'll have to check out our Great Scots magazine again. When will you be pawing a signing or going on a publicity tour? We'd love to meet you.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Mumzie said...

How cute is that....Maggie is a star! Someday she will be a "Cover Girl", or Scottie teen model or something. I think this is only the begining, Jean. She just loves the camera and she is such a natural. Great Picture! Mumzie

Dawn said...

What a cute photo. You can really see her beautiful eyes from that angle.

Linda said...

Congratulations, Maggie...Katie is so jealous! Soon she will have a little fur sister, so it is good for her to know competition. Linda

Unknown said...

Jean, Wow congratulations Maggie! She's a cutie!!
I'm having my 400th post give-a-way..stop by and enter!
Hope you have a great day! ~Mary~ :-}

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Awwww....I am SO HAPPY for little Miss Maggie dear! And you know that George and Laura Bush read the magazine, too! Maybe Barney will be beckoning her to come to Texas for at date!

Becky and brother Duhgall and sister Fiona

Library Gal Quilts said...

Well, Miss Jean I have to send you congratulations from Chico! My Dad has a Scottish Terrier Chihuahua Mix that is so adorable...even though the lady we bought him from said, oh he was a little mistake! xo Pam in Chico

YankeeQuilter said...

How cute is that photo...scotties as particularly difficult to photograph...those dark eyes and eybrows. I'll have to check out that magazine for my Macbeth...