Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is this heaven?

No, it's California!

Actually, if you've been reading the papers about the economic crisis in California, we are far from being anything like heaven.

But I love the little town I live in.

Except for the heat.

In the winter we have horrible fog and you can't even see the house across the street. You can go for more than a month without seeing blue sky.

We have a few glorious weeks in the spring and the fall when the weather is perfect.

We have no traffic and I can go months without getting on a freeway and drive on all country roads. We have wonderful produce stands where we can get all the fresh fruits and vegetables we want.

Sweety and I can go to the local diner and sit at our usual table and order our usual breakfast and the owner and waitress know us like we are friends.

I can go to the local antique shop and not get around to looking because I spend all my time talking to the owner because she's a friend.

You can drive less than an hour and see the beautiful sky and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Go a little further and you are in Yosemite National Park.

What am I getting at? What do you love about where you live, but what do you dislike? No place is perfect for sure. But what pros outway the cons for you? I'm interested in hearing from you.


Annelies said...

The best....that we live close enough to the ocean that it is an everyday destination ( at least in summer). I love that I work in a quilt shop that is minutes away from home and I particularly LOVE that my children are near enough to visit ALL the time.
What don't I like...well, the traffic on the freeway ( which I avoid) and the social problems of this economy and immigration that is out of control. But I dwell on the blessings..... XXX Annie

Mumzie said...

I think we have the same likes about where we live. I love being able to travel to the ocean or Yosemite or Tahoe, or one of the many lakes. Being able to have our horse nearby is great too. I love the fresh corn, strawberries, peaches, plums, watermelon, grapes, and most importantly....PUMPKINS! My dislikes are pretty much the same as Annelies Dease above. Thanks Miss Jean.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Good Post! :) California looks nice but for me, Pennsylvania is "just right". I love that we have four distinct seasons with blessings in each. We have color in fall, snow in winter, green in spring and a variety of colors in the summer. We are two hours from NYC, one hour from Philadelphia and 20 minutes from the farmlands. It works for us.

Nicole said...

I live in a fabulous place--the Monterey Bay area of California. I love it almost all year long, except that in the summer months, it is cool and foggy most of the time. June and July and August. It is 61 degrees right now and the fog is misting past my windows. I work in Carmel, which is right on the ocean, so I don't see much of the sun all summer! I know if I lived a bit inland, where it is 30 degrees hotter, I would be complaining about that too!

The Green Pea said...

Miss Jean, I live in the same town as you do. I love all of the orchards, vineyards, corn fields, dairy farms, horse ranches and the small town schools. We are only about 7 miles from Modesto and you can shop for anything you need there.

What I don't like is... all the dust when the trees are being harvested and the corn is being chopped for feed. It lasts for the month of September. Of course I live right in the middle of the country. I wouldn't move for anything, I love it here. Sandi

Lydia said...

I love that in Diamond Bar, our City councils have built a reserve, not a debt. I love the scenery, the convenience of living midway between Newport Beach and Pasadena. I love having my family nearby.
I don't like the occasional snakes or rats or spiders. I don't wish for earthquakes or mudslides. But the realization to enjoy what God has wrought- it could be gone tomorrow- helps me remember to be grateful for today.
If I were a commuter, I would hate our traffic getting around. And I do wish our climate was a tad cooler.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a wonderful post! I live in the mountains of NC. I love the awe inspiring beauty of the mountains. Every season has it;s own specialness. I love that there are 4 true seasons here. The winters are mild, but we do have a little snow. Spring comes early. Usually in March. Fall is gorgeous here. There are alot of artists that live here, the farmers markets are wonderful. There are beautiful national forests with hiking trails and waterfalls. Come visit the Asheville are of NC...you might not want to leave!