Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Passing Down Traditions

As most of you know I love to quilt. I don't always get (or make) the time to do it, but I love it none the less. I think it comes from my Grandma Somers. I am fortunate to have some of the heirloom quilts that have passed down from generation to generation in our family.

My daughter is not interested in quilting. Not that she isn't artistic or talented. Just the opposite, there isn't anything she can't do. Sewing just isn't her thing. I have a wonderful daughter-in-law. I would love to sit and teach her to quilt but she lives near Denver and I'm in California. I would like to start making trips back there and take her to quilt classes at a local quilt shop. She has just started a new job in a new city with a new house so perhaps now isn't the time. Maybe next year.

I don't have a granddaughter like my friend does. She is eight and is already quilting and stitching. So much fun!

So what am I to do? Hmmmmmm.........

"Maggie, would you like to learn to quilt?"

"I think so, Mommy. What's quilting?"

"Well, you buy beautiful fabric that costs lots of money, cut it up and sew it back together. That's called quilting."

"You're kidding me, right?"


ChaChaneen said...

ha ha ha ha That was hilarious from Maggie! Your quilt posts have really been on my mind this summer because I was JUST saying to myself yesterday that I wanted to get a sewing machine. I always do the deeds by hand but I want an upgrade. Perhaps find a nice used one for my Christmas present. Thing is, I don't know the first thing to look for in a sewing machine. I don't need anything fancy, just a few things to make me smile. Since you don't have your sweet D-I-L near you and your precious daughter isn't interested... why not share your wealth of information with us ladies in bloggyland? Post the basics in the beginning and then give us a basic assignment and then we can turn it in to the teacher - that would be YOU - via our posts to show our homework. ha ha Hey it could work! lol

Hmmm I get first dibs on the sign up sheet!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Hi Maggie,

We Scotties are good at lying on quilts!!

Lilly, Piper, and Carrleigh

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- I'm thinking Rocky Creek has a point -- Maggie would understand quilting is you show her it's those fabulous, soft blankies that we like to lie on! I always thought, "if I just had a daughter", but I guess there are not guarantees. I feel very lucky to have a DIL that is interested in quilting. LOVE this post Miss Jean!

Mumzie said...

Oh Jean, I was just thinking of asking you for help on making a baby quilt....and I don't know where to begin. I still haven't finished my horsey quilt, and here I am looking for help with a new project. Anyway, I took one class and that was a year or two ago. Something about quarter squares???? Perhaps you could share your wealth on-line...I'll help by taking the pictures for you. Maggie could be our quilting calendar girl model. Hey, we could do a Scottie Calendar of Maggie making a quilt for every season. Did I ever show you Connor's Scottie quilt? What do you think? PS: I'm a little crazy with rambling thoughts so early in the morning. :) Mumzie

Dawn said...

You and Maggie are too funny Miss Jean. Your defintion made me think of those fabulous mosaic pieces that are made of whole plates put back together!

Unknown said...

Too cute! I think it would be wonderful if you could find a way to teach your daughter in law how to quilt! My MIL is big into knitting and I've asked her to teach me the basics (if I ever get a free minute) would be so nice to be able to knit some of the lovely scarves she's always creating as Christmas presents for all of my fahion loving friends :)


Abigail said...

Pippi loves to sew, she has been known to even push the power peddle for me, whether I like it or not.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Teee heeee!! Maggers, you look soo stinkin' cute up there on the quilt table!!!! Now if you can do your auntie a huge favor, pick out all of the scottie fabric that your mom has stashed -just tell her you are making your own quilt - and box it up for me. She will NEVER know!!!


you are too cute!!!


Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Pretty, pretty Maggie.

BumbleVee said... does seem that is what quilting is...but, I won't mention it to my quilting buddies...'specially the ones that do dolls and bears too... they might not come to play