Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Back!

I want to thank all of you who left such kind comments and kept checking back while I was gone. Sweety is doing much better and we have some more appointments scheduled to make sure that he stays that way. I don't know what it is about men when they are sick or have a chronic condition. But that is a post for another time.

Things have been a little hectic around here with car trouble. We've had our car in the shop (two shops at that) no less than four times! After a new battery, a new alternator, and new front brakes the voltage warning light is still coming on and there is still a funny (not) scraping noise coming from the front right tire side. Besides that there is something rolling around that sounds like a marble. Just a little nagging sound that adds to the stress. (New note for those who ever go back and read my blog again when there's nothing better to do and there are no re-runs of Law and Order on the television: It was a marble rolling around making all that racket! Whew!!) We only have one car and with Sweety needing medical care and my Mom having recent surgery, it's been very stressful. If any of you know anything about cars or knows anyone that does and has some sort of clue as to what the problem might be, let me know!!!!!

Deep breath! Aaahhhhhh! On another front, or weather front I should say, we are having our first storm of the season and it is a doozy!!! Here is a picture of my back yard. Do you see all of the debris on the ground? I wish I could add sound effects so you could hear the wind. Oh, my goodness! It is just howling and blowing. Last night we went out and took down the patio umbrellas because the local news station said there would be really high gusts of wind all day. I wish you could see how gray the sky is.

Fact is, I love weather like this. So what's a girl to do? First of all, since I'm retired and woke up with a headache, I'm staying in my cozy jammies and robe all day. Yes, you are very welcome for my not posting a picture of that!!!

I'll be drinking tea and reading the latest book by one of my favorite authors, Susan Wiggs, Lakeshore Christmas. What I won't be doing is eating an entire bag of Trader Joe's Kettle Corn in one sitting. Nope, not me. That would just be wrong, considering the fact that that's what I did for two days in a row!

Again, thank you for all the bloggy love that was sent my way!


Dawn said...

Hi Jean, glad to see your post. Glad hubby is doing better. Car trouble is such pain. Hope they figure it soon.

It's blustery here today too. We've got two pig trees that I always worry about in the wind.

I enjoy Susan Wiggs' books too. Enjoy your quiet time!

Unknown said...

Well your backyard still looks beautiful despite the storm! I'm so glad your sweety is doing better!! Now if only that car would start cooperating...

:) T

Thimbleanna said...

Mmmmm, p.j.'s, kettle corn, and a nice cozy storm -- what's not to love??? Hope you get your car figured out soon -- that's SO frustrating!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

I'm glad to hear that Sweety is doing better - just wish you could get your car straightened out - that is maddening.


The Green Pea said...

Hello Jean, I am glad to hear your husband is felling better and doing well.

Now, about wearing those jammies all day and reading a good book, not to mention you may be laying on one of the prettiest quilts in all of Escalon with Maggie! Right? sandi

ChaChaneen said...

When it rains, it pours... Literally! Can you believe this doozy if a storm we had today? And then car issues on top of that...Grrrr. I hear ya my sweet friend. So glad to hear that your man is on the mend and recovering so well. I laughed out loud when you said men with illnesses are just babies.. Okay you didn't say that... But close enough to the meaning right? Lol

I could just picture your son falling in the pond of the Japanese Tea Garden and see, you made a memory!! Lol

Anonymous said...

Jean I found you again!! Thank you for directing me back here!!

My hubby and I had an auto parts store and though he is not a mechanic he really is at least to me!! I read him what you wrote about the car and he asked what model and make of car is it?


Lydia said...

Wecome back! We've had light rain off and on today- but not with the winds it looks like you've had.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

OMG! I have never seen your yard looking like that. EVER! Wasn't that a whirlwind of a storm? Needless to say, I spent half a day pulling out my mound of white impatiens....bummer.

BUT, looks like you are doing better, despite the storm of life. Kettle corn? MMMMMM.....my fav! Go to the Farmer's Market here on Saturday...a guy sells a HUGE bag for 6.00. Bought some today~!!