Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Somebody's Knockin'

Did you ever notice how you don't really "see" things around the house until you have to replace them for some reason? Our old door knob was over 20 years old. I never paid it much attention until it was broken. We had some movers take out an old large television last year and they broke the handle. On closer inspection it was due to be replaced anyway.

I didn't realise how scratched and tarnished it had become. We had been doing some redecorating so we took our time replacing it as we have a security screen door with a dead bolt anyway. So this is what the door looked like for the longest time. Shameless, I know. It got to be a little embarrasing to put your fingers through the holes to open the door for guests.

We finally went down to a local door hardware specialty store. Turns out that our door knob was shorter in length than they are made now. See the little bottom hole? They said that they did not have a knob or back plate that would cover the holes. Since it is a metal door it proved to be quite a dilemma. The salesman assured me that there was nothing I could do but buy a new door, pay them to bore out the holes, buy new hardware and then pay them to install it. Somehow that didn't sound right to me so we went home.

I got on the trusty old internet and found this site. What a wonderful place to find hardware for the home. They have beautiful antique looking hardware for all of your needs and are the nicest people to deal with. I found just what I needed at the same price I would have had to pay at a local "big box" retailer. Since they are out of state there was no tax or shipping. The quality of my new knob is outstanding. Plus, it was a brand that the local specialty store carried!!! I knew there was something suspicious!

Oh, well, moving on...... Our friend Barry volunteered to install the door knob for us. He brought along a little help to supervise. Yes, folks, it's Duhgall! Barry is married to Becky of Sweet Cottage Dreams fame.

So like all good supervisors, it took Duhgall and Maggie to watch Barry install the hardware.

Here's the new door knob. Yep, Miss Anne, I was so inspired by you that I bought a glass door knob. I am so in love with it!!!!

Hey, I gotta go. I think somone is at the door.........


The Green Pea said...

Miss Jean, the door hardware is beautiful. You made a nice choice.

How did you like the rain storm? We had a few of our trees at home blow over. It sure is a mess of broken branches and leaves all over town. Talk with you soon. sandi

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, that new door knob is beautiful Miss Jean! Thanks for posting the website -- I'll give it to hubby. Our door knob is looking a little rough and hubby said it's not a standard size anymore or something like that. Love those cute little supervisors!

Anne Sutton said...

Oh my gosh that is the prettiest door knob ever! I'm so glad I could inspire you with my old collection. You have inspried me to drive my husband crazy trying to replace all our door knobs. Enjoy opening and closing that door!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Love, love, love the door knob!!

And the snoopervisors are such cuties.


Anonymous said...

I spy a little ceramic Wesite in one of the photos! I am so glad you were resourceful and able to find a solution! Your new knob looks fabulous. How nice for Maggie to have a friend over too!

Brenda said...

It is really pretty! I love to replace old with old when possible! We live in a new home now, but the house we lived in for close to 30 years (it was old before that) had a lot of things needing to be replaced. And one of them was a glass knob. I still have it attached to a shelf. When I look at Maggie and friend its like seeing my Ladybug in your pics.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

My dad let me come out to play tonight.....ha. More like, I need to sit down and catch up with some bloggy friends!! How cute this post is, Jean. I see a little scotty peeking from the clock case and supervising our little supervisors. LOVE this pic of the two of them. Intense.

I am happy that you now have the hole closed up. You know how much I worried about that......just a cop's mind...that's all.

love you,

PS: give Mr. In The Beer Garden a squeeze from us. :)

Dawn said...

That is soooo pretty Miss Jean. What good supervisors you had! I'm so glad they didn't carry off the parts like Sunny does!

ChaChaneen said...

I lurve, lurve, lurve your new knob!!!! The dogs are adorable too in that picture! By the way, if I hadn't told you already your banner for the Autumn season is just lovely!

Lydia said...

Gorgeous! Please- the name of the Internet site you found the knob at?

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Duhgall and Maggie are the cutest dogs ever--but please don't tell Miss Sophie that I said that.