Friday, March 26, 2010

Greetings from Colorado

I thought I should check in with you all. We are still in the Denver area visiting our son. We drove in our van and brought everything with us, including Maggie. Even the proverbial kitchen sink but sadly, not the cord to my camera. So unfortunately I can't download any pictures until I get home.

The drive here was, let's say, interesting. Once we hit Needles, California the wind started up. Bad wind. Nasty wind. Then the further east we got the more I started getting nervous about the impending storm. We spent the night in Grants, New Mexico and didn't know if we could get any further. We trudged on, though. Albuquerque wasn't bad so we went on to Santa Fe. Not bad. So off we went. The main storm was the day before we arrived there, but there was still some flakes coming down. However, the roads were icy and slushy and curvy and"mountainy". I had a death grip on the steering wheel all the way from Santa Fe to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Check out a map. That's a long way!!! Whew!

We arrived safely, though. Monday I took our son back to Colorado Springs for his surgery on his deviated septum. All went well, thankfully. The staff at the hospital at the Air Force Academy are awesome!!! We were supposed to take him back for a follow-up on Wednesday but a new storm had come in. Basically, the road was either closed or dangerous from Denver to Santa Fe. So we sat here and waited it out.

Our little Maggie is quite the traveler. She did great in the car and in the motels. She's playing really well with her new friend Abby, my son's dog. She is turning into quite the snow bunny. When the snow was soft and deep, I had to give her a warm bath each time she came in. She was covered in little snow balls! Right now she's outside sitting in the snow waiting for an unsuspecting squirrel to wander by.

Sweety and I (and Maggie) are having a wonderful time visiting our son and enjoying the area. I'll check in later.



Brenda said...

Goodness it is so sweet that you take time from your trips to keep in touch with all of us. Ladybug comes in with little snowballs all over her when she is out in the snow also. And she does not want us to bother her about it so she gets in her spot on the back of my couch where her blanket is and drip dries.

Miss Jean said...

Maggie gets warm baths when she comes in covered in snowballs. It's snowing again - here we go again!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Dear Miss Jean, Wow I really dislike driving and look what you did in a big storm! So happy all has gone well. That little Maggie went on a road trip! Take care now and show us all your photos when you get back. Pam

Anonymous said...

Jean isn't the weather crazy!! WE are do for another storm tonight!

Glad the surgery went ok and that you are enjoying your time with you son. Hope to see you on your way back home!

bee blessed

ChaChaneen said...

So glad to hear your son's surgery went very well. Wow, snow still - that sounds fun to me... not driving in it... but sitting in a cozy warm house with a pot of tea on the stove does. ha ha

Thanks for checking in, miss ya already!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Miss Jean! It looks like that storm blew you off course LOL! Hope all is going well -- it sounds like you're having a good time!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

What a trip! I love snow if I can stay put.

Those Scotties can really pick up the snowballs - that's why I make mine wear raincoats when we go out in it - Piper is the worst - his skirt is so long and fluffy.

Have fun with your son- these are moments to treasure.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

That sounded a bit goofy - have fun with your son. What I really met was to enjoy spoiling him - hope he's feeling better.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Hello Miss Jean, Happy Spring--even if Maggie has snowballs on her fur...Glad you made it safely, hope you have a wonderful visit with your son, so glad he is doing well...