Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rednesday Reveal

I mentioned here that I finally finished a quilt project using the above red fabrics. I can finally let you know where it's new home is! Sweet Cottage Dreams Becky had seen the quilt while I was still working on it and thought it would be just perfect for her newly re-decorated guest room. I knew she was right and it would look so much better at her house than at mine, so off it went when I finished it.

Go take a look! I'm really pleased as punch that she would hang something I made in her beautiful home!!! Thanks, Becky, you're a real confidence booster!!!


fiberdoodles said...

Oh Jean it is just beautiful!
I love this fabric too. I have yardage for a special project some day.
Such a lovely post and such a sweet friendship you two share :0)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

My dear friend, it is an HONOR to have something made by you in our home. I know about how much time and effort that goes into putting together a quilt and appreciate the love so very, very much. It is just amazing, like YOU!

love you oodles and bunches,

Dawn said...

I just came over from Becky's and I'm in awe of that quilt. Such wonderful fabrics! I love that you didn't stick to just red and white but let some other colors wander in too.

PamKittyMorning said...

It turned out wonderful!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

That is one gorgeous quilt and it looks fantastic in Becky's bedroom!! You are both really talented ladies.

Lallee said...

The quilt is gorgeous in Becky's new room. You are a true friend!

Thimbleanna said...

You're such a sweetheart Miss Jean! What a wonderful friend!

ChaChaneen said...

I am SO not surprised Becky has it! ha ha ha ha ha ha It turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! You are such a blessing to each other!

Unknown said...

I Ms. Jean. I'm in L-O-V-E with your red quilt. Can you tell me the pattern? Looks right up my alley. You are a lovely friend to give it to Becky. Can you show the backing?

Thanks so much,