Sunday, September 5, 2010

In the Garden

Whew! I'm having company this week so I worked in the yard all day today. I got most everything done except fertilizing, cutting up a pile of branches and cleaning the furniture. Everything looks so nice. I told Sweety that I think that plants have feelings and know when they are cared for and appreciated. They seem to perk up when I fuss with them. He said, "you really like to do yard work, don't you?" Truth be told, for me it's a means to an end in the summer. I don't like hot weather and usually don't go outside and work as often as I should. In the spring and fall, however, you can't get me inside.

One thing that I have learned in gardening is to balance the plants with a few hard scape elements. It adds such a nice definition and contrast to the yard. Now, garden snob that I am, I am definitely not talking about plastic lawn ornaments and flamingos. I have a few nurseries in the area that always seem to have just the right treasure for me to tuck in among the flowers. I have lots of bunny statues and bird houses scattered around.

I love my Celtic Cross. Be sure to use white in the garden as it shows up so nicely in the evening.

You can use old found objects like this rusty tricycle tucked into a corner.

An iron filigree planter placed in another planter adds character and height.

Old chairs and bird houses can be re-purposed as planters.

A garden obelisk and a cat statue can give you something interesting to look at from inside the house.

When all else fails, you can get a dog to decorate the yard with!

"Stay, Maggie, Stay!!"


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

And not one flamingo!! If it weren't for the occasional flamingo, I'd have no color but green in my yard - my brown thumb kills everything!! LOL!! You have a beautiful garden - and I am always in awe of people who can do that.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your garden looks lovely. I tuck little cement rabbits here and there. And othere goodies. Maggie is a sweetheart.

Linda said...

So pretty... wish I could come sit a spell in it... and bring Katie and Fiona, more garden scotties. Miss Fi is a digger tho' and probably would not ne a welcomed visitor. Enjoy your company.

Thimbleanna said...

Miss Jean -- your garden looks fantastic. I love all of your special touches. Especially Miss Maggie!!!

Mumzie said...

Every thing looks marvelous. Maggie looks like she's been up to something just before you took the picture. She's so cute! Hugs from across town. Mumzie

Dawn said...

Your garden looks wonderful Jean. I'm working on a little fairy graden on my front porch. It's so nice to have cool mornings at least!

Lallee said...

You have a wonderful selection of yard ornaments. I always have my eye out for more.

You asked about Anne tending her garden herself. She lets hired help do all the work. At 98, she now walks with a walker and just enjoys the view.