Saturday, December 10, 2011


This is my son's dog, Abby. You have seen her before playing with Maggie. They are best friends but Abby lives in Colorado and Maggie lives in California so they don't get to see each other very often. I had mentioned here that she is going to need a temporary home since my son who is in the Navy will be going overseas in the spring. It isn't practical for him to take her with him and he'll be gone for one to two years. We can't take her due to a number of reasons. I would if I could and it breaks my heart.

I am so happy to report that someone has stepped forward and is going to care for her as long as is needed!!!! This is a big relief for me. Son had talked about taking her, but putting her in the cargo hold of a plane for 12+ hours just didn't seem safe to me. So while he is off to his new station, Maggie will be headed to Arizona and soaking up the sun!!

This is a common issue that those in the military face when they are deployed or transferred to another country with plans on returning. What do they do with their pets who are family members in every sense of the word?

If you know someone in this situation and you have the means, please consider fostering the pets of military personnel. There are a number of agencies who coordinate this sort of thing. You can do an internet search for "military pet foster care programs" and check them out.

Thank you from this Navy Mom!


Anonymous said...

Another prayer answered. I am so happy Abby has a foster home while your Sailor is away. I, too, am a Navy Mom and couldn't be prouder!

BTW, Navy beat Army today!

Thimbleanna said...

That's wonderful Miss Jean! We're such a mobile society and it makes it so hard when we have our pets. What a relief that Abby has a good temporary home!

Myrna said...

Hi Jean! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog for a visit and your sweet and thoughtful comments!
You must be so proud of your son..and I've never thought about the pets they have to leave glad that Abby found a foster home.
Hope you have a very blessed Christmas!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

So glad Abby will be sunning herself in the hot Arizona sun..
I'm sure it helps to know she will be well taken care of while your son is away.
Our nephew and friend are in deployment right now..This is the fourth deployment for our Nephew.
Prayers are always with our military.
Big hugs and I hope your feeling better now..
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth