Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Ok, I'm having trouble here.  What is blogger up to now?  I cannot upload pictures.  I also cannot add any new blogs to my links over on the side bar.  Anyone out there know what's going on?

I am so not thrilled with the new "improved" format.  I know I put myself as risk for saying that.  What evil things can they do to my blog now?



Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh yes, changes to blogger are NOT good. Like you, I cannot add new friends to my list either. I do have the nav bar at the top to add to. Another issue I have is the "stats" section. Under the most referred blogs, I have a porn site as a link...something like freean. If you don't recognize it, don't click on any links that aren't familiar to you. I got a virus and a shock!

Can we have the old blogger back?

Mumzie said...

Hi Jean,
Sorry about your blogger problems. I agree...want the old blogger back. I can't add or change any pictures on my sidebar and it seems very difficut to get anything done, so I've just been working in the garden and keeping busy. Only posting occasionally. Plus, they took away my music, but I just found Mixpod and added a few songs. Best wishes from Escalon! Yvonne,Buddy & Denver too. :)

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Jean,

Me too...I could follow a new blog and they would show up on my reading list but no my side bar. I did some looking around and found out I was over my limit of how many blogs I could follow 300 so anyway I had to delete some old blogger who haven't posted in a long time to allow new ones to show up on my side bar...crazy I tell ya and I'm not a computer person. I do try though. How is your new home are you getting all settled in?.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Patty ♣ said...

Right now I am looking at "butt cheeks" on the top of your blog. I am disgusted with this New Blogger set up! all the ads! Highlighted words that take you away somewhere utterly off subject! grrrr!