Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Email

One of the many things that happened to us during our move is that "that" internet/phone company locked us out of our email account. Don't ask me why because I don't even know. Free internet and they lock you out. What's up with that? Anyway, Sweetie contacted them once we got here and they finally got it fixed - sorta. They gave us a new email address ("Nope, sorry, you can't have your old one anymore.") and transferred our information over to the new address. Again, sorta. My email contacts were gone!!!!!! I'm not the type of gal that just says, "Oh, well." A friend of mine used to say, "Right's right and wrong's nowhere!" (I could get a job as a consumer advocate ala Ralph Nader! LOL!) So I got right on the phone. After what seemed like an entire afternoon, talking to people from two companies on two continents and being shuffled back in forth with a "he said, she said", I was able to talk to a very nice gentleman from Texas who knew what he was doing!! Imagine that! He said that what had probably happened was an "incomplete transfer" and he was given permission to have them do it again. I knew my contacts were sitting somewhere in the world on a server just waiting to come home to Mama. I was told to wait a day and then check them. The next day another nice gentleman called and asked me to check them and VOILA! THERE THEY WERE!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Why am I telling you this tale of whoa? Two things. First, if you ever have trouble with a computer or phone system and you need to call them do not, I repeat, do not talk to the first person who answers the phone. Insist on talking to a "level two technician". If they refuse, ask to speak to their supervisor. Remember, your call is taped and they don't want the entire chain of command hearing how they made you angry. You have the right to have someone who understands your problem and has the authority to fix it listen to you.

Second, like I said, my email has changed. If any of my blog friends need to email me and have my email in their contacts list, it will need to be changed. Just check out the new email in my profile section.

Whew! That even made me tired reading it. I think it's nap time in the Rockies!



fiberdoodles said...

You're my kind of Gal!!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

I wondered why I couldn't email you any more - I thought maybe you didn't like me!!

Anonymous said...

Jean- hope you have your email up and running by now. How are you enjoying your new home? Are you settled in yet?

Would still love to help you sometime- these past weeks have been very busy and will be till sometime in August it looks like. Plus the fibro has kicked in big time but am hoping it will have it's hayday then go away for awhile!

bee blessed