Friday, August 2, 2013

I have a question!

I have a housekeeping question.  I have links on my sidebar and I can't add any more.  I know that some of the current links have closed and some haven't been added to for a year.  I have some new blog links I'd like to add but can't until  I clean up my list.

So, how do you all do upkeep on your links? If a blog hasn't be posted for a year do you delete it?  Six months?  Two years?

It's painful and I don't want anyone thinking I don't care for them anymore.  However, I know that people's interests and focus can change.  I really appreciate the blogs that come out and say that they are either taking a blog break or are stopping altogether.

I appreciate your input!!


Thimbleanna said...

Interesting question Miss Jean! I probably wait about two years. Having said that -- my list is terribly outdated -- I need a BIG clean up -- I haven't even brought my linked list forward to my new blog format -- oops!

bj said...

I keep all my blog roll on my Dashboard, not on my blog page.
I really need to clean house, too, and just may do that today...I am sure I have a lot of blogs that are deleted or inactive. I try to keep the ones that I interact with and slowly delete the others that we seldom, if ever, visit.

I just became your new follower...:)
From one Jean to another... stands for Betty Jean. :)
and good luck on the little cookies. :) you realize your word verification is ON? If you want to turn it off, just go to your settings about comments.
xo bj