Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Day

Here in Colorado we are experiencing a true arctic blast.  The local news stations have been warning us  of the impending storm, but nothing really prepares you for something like this.  It started snowing last evening and hasn't stopped yet in our area.  That's all fine and dandy, we've been through this before.  What we haven't had before, at least not Sweetie and I, are the cold temperatures.

Doesn't it just look picturesque and peaceful?  It is, except it's only 8 degrees outside!  The cold temperatures are going to hang around till the weekend and depending on which news agency you listen to, today's high will be between 8 and 10 degrees and the low tonight will be between -8 and -6 degrees!  That's cold people!  We are advised to leave any faucet on an outside wall turned on to a slow drip and to keep cupboard doors and/or shower doors open so the heat can get to them.  Otherwise you run the risk of your pipes breaking.  I had the kitchen sink dripping all night and only caught a mixing bowl full of water so I don't feel bad about "wasting" water.  Late last night I stuck my head out the front door and it was scary cold.  There was even frost on the inside of the storm door. We're staying in and keeping a close tab on Mollie and Maggie when they have to go outside.

Speaking of Mollie.  As  new quilter years ago, I thought that I had to match the thread with the fabric when I was piecing the quilts.  I have since learned to use neutrals, white, cream, beige, gray with an occasional black thrown in as those stitches don't generally show.  So I naturally have lots of colored thread that I don't use.  I was throwing putting some things in the spare bedroom to clean up one day and put my big glass jar of thread on the floor tucked away on the other side of the dresser along with some other sewing things.  Well, somehow, Mollie decided to go exploring.  Did she dig out my myriad assortment of neon colored threads that I don't use?  Of course not!

She went straight for the neutrals!!!!  Mollie, Mollie, Mollie!  What can I say.  She must have gotten the  neutral thread memo!

To all of you who are experiencing severe weather, stay safe and warm.  To all of you who have lovely, sunny, warm weather - consider yourself very lucky!

Have a great rest of the week!!!


JoAnne said...

Silly doggie! Of course it always happens that the stuff you need/want gets messed up, not the "expendables." Keep warm! We lived for 4 years in Alaska, so we were used to those kind of temps, (and worse) but it is really hard to deal with sometimes! Brrr!

Nicole said...

Do you remember when Ozzie got into my spools of thread and chewed them? I had him in the car and was driving somewhere when I noticed he was pawing at his mouth. He had black thread wrapped all around his tongue and no way could I get it off! We detoured straight to the vets office to have it cut off. The thread that is, not his tongue.
Its super cold here too. 30 degrees right now at 7:35. Not cold compared to -8, but you used to live near here, so you know it is cold for us!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, naughty Mollie! Our kids are getting a new puppy this weekend. Our DIL works at a shoe store, so I got a sign for them that says "Please remove your shoes, the dog needs something to chew on". I thought it was pretty funny! We'll be getting your cold blast this weekend and into next week. Stay warm Sweet Miss Jean!