Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tea Time

It's so nice after Christmas to sit back and relax and reflect on the season.   I hope you were able to have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

My friend Nikki and I love to get together for tea.  She gave me the sweet little tea mug you see and it always reminds me of her and how much I cherish our friendship.  She's so much more than a "BFF", different than a sister, a true kindred spirit.  She's always in my heart and mind.

 I love my Tea Canister.  We were fortunate to be able to go to the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island and I bought it there as a souvenir.   It's by Brandbury's Fine Bone China and I haven't seen it anywhere since to purchase any more pieces.  When we moved it was wrapped very, very carefully.

 I know you've been busy, doing so much for others these last couple of months.  Pour some tea and take a moment for yourself.   It doesn't take much time (or money) to make yourself feel special.  You deserve it!


Barbara said...

Tea is so very healthy, too! Right now I am hearing of so much flu going around. Drinking HOT tea, often, is a help to weaken germs -- they get cooked and are made ineffective in their evil battle against our well-being!

Victoria, British Columbia. Lovely place. You brought back something really special. I remember their hanging baskets of flowers. So charming!

JoAnne said...

It is so fun that you have a friend to drink tea with! I have one, too, but she lives a few states away, so we don't get the chance very often. I find that when I make a cup, I like to go all out and be formal, instead of microwaving a mug of water and dipping a tea bag.

Thimbleanna said...

You're so sweet Miss Jean! Your little tea canister and cup are both beautiful!

Unknown said...

That's what's so nice about tea time. Keeps you invigorated, both socially as well as spiritually. Nothing helps the spirit more than a nutritious diet that keeps your health wise in the clear.

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