Sunday, January 26, 2014

Little Miss Prim and Proper Maggie - NOT!

The grass here in the winter goes dormant - like dead looking - and Maggie just loves to roll around in it.  Do you have any idea how often I vacuum?  Good grief!!!!!!  It's a good thing I have a bagless vacuum, or I would go broke buying bags for it!!!  I always call Maggie and Mollie velcro dogs because everything sticks to them.

 I love her to pieces but some days she tries my patience!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, I couldn't imagine life without Maggie and Mollie.  The Scottie of one of our friends just died and I just cannot imagine the pain they are going through.  Hugs your pets!


Thimbleanna said...

It's a good thing Maggie and Mollie are so darn cute Miss Jean! You're a great mom!

Lynette said...

Hehe :) Such cuteness, despite its annoying result!