Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Day

We had snow again last night.  Not too much, just enough.  Since this area have 300+ days of sunshine a year, even though it is still cold out, the snow melts off the roads and patios fairly quickly.    When I got up this morning the snow was sparkling on the lawns but already starting to melt off our patio.  My walk and driveway were shoveled (thank you awesome neighbors!) and I could see one of our main roads was clear.  There is still a lot in the yard, though, but I won't bore you with more pictures of that, you've seen them before.  Our house faces north at the end of our court and even when the rest of the court is snow free, our house and the other two on the end still have snow.  I always joke we'll have snow in August!

Good Gollie, Miss Mollie!

I have a friend who has a Scottie who doesn't like to go out in the snow.  Not so with Maggie and Mollie. They come in and out, in and out, and I literally have had to sweep up the little snow balls off the kitchen floor and family room carpet.  So fun - not!

I tried to get a picture of a snow covered Maggie but she wouldn't cooperate.  So here's Mollie, our resident snow bunny!

What is it about snow that is so hypnotic?  My house could be (and is) falling apart around me (messy!!!!) and I should get up and clean.  But here I sit - looking out the window.  Peaceful.  Which I suppose, is good for the soul.

Have an awesome rest of the week.


Barbara said...

Hello Miss Jean! I spent 8 of my growing up years in Southern California and wished for much of that time that I could live in snow country. Looks like you and I both are enjoying the snow now (most days).

Susie Q said...

Hi Miss Jean, don't you find the worse thing about the snow and the dogs is getting the ice balls out from their pads? Treacle is just like Mollie and Maggie in and out all day in the snow and each time I have to get her pads clear!!!! Worse than the Boys, they at least knew when enough was enough!! Have a lovely snow day. Susie x