Saturday, April 5, 2008


Ok. I confess. I have an idiosyncrasy. I buy something that I've really been wanting. I'm excited to get it and get it home and sit it down and stare at it. For long lengths of time. Days go by. Months. Sometimes years. Then one day I'll pick it up and study it. Sit it down and think about it some more. Finally, I'll figure out how to work it and wonder why I waited so long! I've done this with a number of things. Sewing machines. Bicycles. Clocks. This computer.
Now most recently my new little pink camera. I bought it so I could join the ranks of bloggers who download their pictures. I've had it for quite a while. I didn't know which brand or style to buy so I went with what I know - pink!
Somebody's hubby teased me just enough that I had to get it working. Of couse I don't know where the manual is. Not that I'm a manual person anyway. Who needs to read when you can punch buttons and just see what happens. Works for me!
So bear with me while I figure out all the settings and lighting and angles. For something so small, it's a lot more complicated than my first little Brownie camera ever thought of being.
Welcome to our home!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I am so proud of YOUUUUUUUU!! Yippie!! We get to see YOUR HOME now!! And in all its cuteness!
Hooray Hooray! I guess Mr. Somebody ribbed ya hard 'nuff to get the motor ticking! Keep them coming! Welcome to the land o' pictures and bloggin' them.

Hugs to you and Miss Maggie Sweet Pea Noodle Head!

Becky and Doogs

Susie said...

Your little pink camera takes some very cute pictures. Isn't it fun!!

Brenda said...

I am so glad to see you have your camera woking and your house is so cute can't wait to see more.

Best Wishes

Heidi said...

Same thing here for me Jean. I like just pressing buttons, say a prayer and there is goes. I have a husband for the reading of the manuals. Why be bothered with all that boring stuff! LOL! I must say I am jealous that you found a PINK camera. How fun! And how fun that we will be seeing more of your home and life now that you are using your pink camera.

Hugs ~

Thimbleanna said...

Look at all those fun welcome signs. I'll be you have the most welcoming home ever!!!

Rhondi said...

I love welcome signs too. Your new camera takes great pictures. I'm just like you. Who nees to read the directions whenyou canjust keep pushing buttons until something happens. I know you'll have fun with your new camera. Our son gave me mine for Christmas and now I take pictures of everything!
Rhondi xo