Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home from school

What do you do at Grandma's when you are home from school sick? Let me think?

Here's a close up of that beautiful fruit he was eating. Our cherry and apricot season is in the spring and is short. This year they were spectacular!

This is local fruit grown by local small farmers - not big conglomerates! Yea!

*Update: Nikki's sister-in-law is still in the hospital (see post below). She is holding her own and has been moved out of ICU. However, she's still not out of the woods. Her family thanks you all for your continued prayers.


Beverly said...

He is a cutie, and being at grandma's house always helps make you better.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Mr R! You are just a ray of sunshine with that sweet smile across your face. But then, when we go to Grammy Jean and Grampy S - there is always plenty to smile about! Dig the scotty glass, btw!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your grandson has a winning smile! Is he playing hookey?

Great looking fruit. I love cherries!

Teresa said...

Love the Scottie glasses! What a good Grandma! What I wouldn't give to find a local fruit market around where I live. I just moved here and don't know of any yet.