Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Teresa at Honeycomb Cottage tagged me a few days back. This is the first I've been able to think about it since coming back from the coast for a few days, babysitting the boys, getting Maggie back from the boarder, etc., etc.. Here is the criteria for the tag:

1. Link to the person that tagged you. Done!

2. Post the rules on your blog. Done!

3. Write six random things about you in your blog post. Done!

4. Tag six people in your post.

5. Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.

I had done a similar tag a while back so I'll try to come up with some more things about myself that won't bore you to tears:

1. I love to read in bed. Book, magazines, the Sunday paper. You name it. I get all comfy with a cup of tea and I could sit for hours. Wait - I have done that! Just sat in bed and read for hours, looking outside at my yard. It's especially great if it's raining outside.

2. I have never met a cheesecake I didn't like. I don't care how much I have eaten, I can eat cheesecake until the cows come home - or I feel like a cow, I don't remember which. I have eaten an entire Sara Lee Cheesecake in one sitting! Pitiful? Yes. Great? Of course!

3. I am not adventurous when it comes to food. If I go in a restaurant for the first time and order something that ends up being good, I will order it every single picking time I go in! There is a restaurant near here that I have gone to for 46 years (I don't know how that is possible since I'm not a day over 21! LOL!) anyway, I have ordered the same thing EVERY TIME! That is what I call comfort food.

4. I like to travel. I don't like to get ready to travel. I will wait till the last minute to pack and then leave biting and scratching all the way. By the second day I always say, "Wow. This is fun. We should do this more!" Hubby just stares out the window and shakes his head.

5. I'm a good friend, even if I do say so myself. Do you need something? I'll get it. Do you need a ride half way across the state? Hop it, let's go. Whatever, whenever.

6. I like watching televsion. There. I've said it. I know what you're thinking. All that trivial drival will rot your brain. I don't watch tons, mind you. But Hubby and I have our special shows that we lovingly watch together. Like Criminal Minds, the CSI's, House, and Numbers. Our favorite is watching Late Night with Craig Ferguson. There is something about sitting for an hour and laughing that is good for the soul. I watch Barefoot Contessa (isn't it so cute that she cooks?) and lots of gardening shows. Along with reading, it's my little way of relaxing. My own little "Calgon take me away!"
Why do I have a sailor as my picture today? Maybe that should be my number 7. My son is in the Navy, of course and I couldn't think of another picture to use.

I'm not going to tag anyone else. I think most bloggers have been tagged. What I will do is encourage you to read a book. It's called "Twenty Wishes" by Debbie Macomber. It is the fourth in the Blossom Street series. In the story, a number of friends who happen to be widows get together and decide that they should each make a list of twenty wishes. Not goals, wishes. As the story unfolds, they become influential in others making lists, also. It is a great book and really gives you something to think about. What would you put on a list like this? Falling in love, skydiving, learning to knit, studying art, taking a trip to Paris? Don't hold back. Give it a try. I'm going to. Who know, maybe wishes do come true.

*Jackie over at Canton Villiage Quiltworks has a tremendous giveaway you can enter. She is giving away her services as a machine quilter to quilt one of your quilt tops. She will even pay for postage to and from her house. Now if you know anything about quilting and the expense of having your top quilted you know that this is a BIG DEAL! Hop on over to her site and enter.


Rhondi said...

Hi Jean
Thanks for the tip about the giveaway. WOW!! That is amazing, isn't it ?I'm on my way over there right now.
Hugs, Rhondi

Thimbleanna said...

You ARE a good friend Miss Jean -- I can vouch for that! Have an almond craving -- here, I'll send you an orchard LOL! And #3 -- I'm just like you -- I find something I like in a restaurant and then I stick with it. And if I should happen to have an alzheimer's attack and order something else, I'm ALWAYS sorry!!!

Thimbleanna said...

And P.S. What is the dish that you always order??? And P.P.S.S. YES to Cheesecake!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

LOL! Didn't know that about cheesecake, HOWEVER...I DO know that you are an AWESOME friend and now my "mom" - hahaha. I truely treasure you and Mr. In The Garden, too. God has a way of blessing us with wonderful friends and we are double - no, triple - blessed. Cannot leave out Maggiepoopsandpeesalot.

What a wonderful giveaway and so generous. Hmmm.. I may need to check her out being as I have a quilt idea tucked deep away in my cranium. snicker. snicker.

Interesting facts about you! What do you order? My fav is Fish Tacos at the pub. yumo

Becky - oh, Doogie sends kisses to his sister.

Teresa said...

Thank you, for doing this tag. I'd never been tagged before. It is a little over rated and over done I suppose. But once was nice.

How odd that you commented on a Debbie Macomber, book. I was just looking at them yesterday at a used book store. I am going to get online and see what books go with what series and in what order, so I can pick a series and start at the beginning. Is the book Twenty Wishes one you can just jump in and read without reading the other three?