Saturday, June 14, 2008


We just got back from a few days on the coast. We wanted to get away from our valley heat and relax. Instead I came back with a heavy heart. Watching the news of the devastating floods in Iowa all I could think of were my blog friends. Are they safe? I watched the news as a house was being swept down a river in Wisconsin. On our way to Monterey we drove near a large fire in the Santa Cruz mountains and families had to be evacuated. Just before we left there were a number of homes in Stockton that burned to the ground, families displaced. These were not homes in an area that is usually threatened by fire. They were along a freeway! Our area has been subjected to temperatures of 100 degrees along with incredibly high winds and sometimes all it takes is a spark.

This morning I received a call from my BFF Nikki. Her sister-in-law suffered a stroke yesterday and is in serious condition. It was caused from complications due to another medical condition she has. This is a young, vibrant, caring woman in her 50's.

Please join me in sustained prayers this week for all of these families. Also pray for the families of the two little girls from Oaklahoma who were found shot. Go hug your loved ones. I'm sorry to be in such a downer mood but sometimes situations warrant it.


tea time and roses said...

My prayers are with these precious people witnessing so much devastation. Thank you so much for sharing...


Beverly said...

I am praying for all of the people that have been so impacted by this sadness.

There is a story in the news here of a father tying his thirteen year old son to a tree, and the young boy died on the second day. Oh, how incredibly tragic.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Things like this really impact everyone and our hearts as well. Amy lives in Cedar Rapids and I pray that she and her family are safe.

We drove through the smoke from the Santa Cruz fire and it was awful. A horrible ordeal to have to go through.

I hope Nikki's sister gets well soon. Such sad news to hear, Jean.

Prayers for all....