Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Day (or two) Late

This was supposed to be a Pink Saturday post but we'll just have to call it a Pink Post.

This past Saturday just as I was working on my post I got a call from Becky. We hopped in her car and went antiquing. She got a few nice things and I got a lovely old vintage quilt for my guestroom bed. Sunday when I tried to take some more pictures my battery gave out. I had to charge it and then I got involved in cleaning. Yuck! Finally, here it is. A couple days late and a few dollars short.

These were garage sale and flea market finds. Lucky me!

The pink scotty in the middle was a great find from one of our Monterey trips. I think I'll call her Pinky!

This is in my bathroom. Hopefully my photo will enlarge so you can see the great hand quilting on the little wall quilt. I picked it up at a local quilt show. The cup and saucer on the right belonged to my great grandmother. It's a very fine, transluscent china. Love it!

I collect pink transferware and cranberry glass.

I got this adorable little planter from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage a while back.

I'm trying to get my pantry organized. Yes, those are pink frying pans! They were made by Kitchenaide and a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. Awesome. I buy all the products that contribute to cancer research that I can.

Have a blessed day!


Mumzie said...

Hi Miss Jean,
I love the pink tea pot and plate! You've inspired me to work on getting this blogging stuff down. Your Miss Maggie is so sweet. I'm sure my Conner would love her too. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You have lovely pink treasures. Pinky is cute and so are the plates. Aren't garage sales and thrifty finds wonderful? You just can't find all those goodies in stores which make them our treasures.

Teresa said...

It is all so pretty. You know I really like "Pinky", of course. And the planter from Cherry Hill Cottage is really nice. But my favorites have to be the your great grandmother's cup and saucer and that cute pink teapot. Don't you think as much as it is a cozy cottage, that when a house if filled with so much love and pink you might want to call it a Perfectly Pink Palace? And of course Maggie, would be queen. :~)

BittersweetPunkin said...

I love all your pink!! All the little figurines are so pretty...I have never come across any in pink....very lovely!

SweetAnnee said...

Sweet pinks..I love your finds.
Your friend..Deena

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Miss Jean -- your pink goodies are all just so cute -- I love the little scotty! And the quilt pic expanded just fine -- I love the quilting on it!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You have some adorable PINK goodies there my friend. I am still coveting over your bird vase.


Andrea said...

Ilove the pink pans! I also like vintage aqua ones too!

Anonymous said...

You have some very pretty pink treasures

BugnLVoe said...

That pink scottie is wonderful! :-)
If you ever find you are tired of it . . . I would be happy to store it for you. ~ Wink ~ Wink ~