Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Blogger in Blog Land!!

Please join me in welcoming a new blogger to Blog Land! It's Yvonne from Mumzie's Pumpkin Patch. She retired and loves gardening, quilting and cooking. Wait, what else? She has a Scottish Terrier, Conner like my Maggie!!!!! Wait, there's more? She lives in the same little town in Northern California that I do? Now how utterly perfect is that?

Welcome, Yvonne!!! Maggie and I wish you all the best in Blog Land.

"Mommy! A boy Scotty? Goody, Goody! When do I get to meet him? When, when, when? Do I need to get my hair done? Does this collar make me look fat? I'm so excited Mommy! When, Mommy, when?"


Jean said...

Don't you wonder sometimes what goes thru our babies(pets) minds? My Maggie Mae has the most expressive face and she tilts that head when you talk to her. Your Maggie is so cute. You have a great evening.
Jean in Virginia

ChaChaneen said...

HI Miss Jean! I tried the link to greet your new friend but it didn't work. Could you check it again please? THanks!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Maggie sweetie, you don't need to worry about a thing. You're just adorable and that little boy scotty will fall for you in a second. Play hard to get honey!

Teresa said...

Oh Jean, I wish I did live close to you. I would gladly give you some tips and lessons on cake decorating. I would happily come over, help you bake and decorate. Then, we could go to the Lavender Hollow farm. Then we could swing by and get Becky, Duhgall, Yvonne, Conner, stop and get Miss Maggie and Baxter, and go to that al fresco restaurant. On the weekend we could go antiquing and look for vintage and pink. Yeah, I could live with that.

Please tell Miss Maggie, her fur looks great and the collar is just right for her.

In the mean time, happy baking!

Susie said...

How fun to have a blogger in the same town. I think Maggie looks adorable for her meeting the with little boy Scottie!
I'll stop in and welcome your friend to blogging..

Mumzie said...

Hi Jean,
I got to thinking and I don't believe Conner has ever met a girl Scottie. This is going to be pretty cool. He's such a gentleman, so tell Maggie not to worry. Thanks for your nice "Welcome" and beautiful pumpkin picture. Maggie is so cute. Yvonne

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Jean ~ thank you for the blog intro and I am sure that Miss Maggie and Conner will have a wonderful time playing together.

Hi Mags! Don't you look so cute in your picture? I just love you to pieces!! Well, so does Duhgall..afterall, you are his half sister.

love to all,

Anonymous said...

Maggie is so adorable! I enjoyed reading your post.

Linda said...

Oh, this is so neat the same interest tand living in the same town...two luky ladies. I'm going to pop over to Mumzie's and say hi. Hugs, Linda

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Maggie is so pretty.