Friday, September 12, 2008

Gone to the dogs....

I wanted to show you a couple of items I was able to purchase from a friend of mine. Wave is a fellow Scotty owner and collector extraordinaire. She has Maude, Maggie's sister, and Bonnie along with Hank, a Golden Retriever. Becky did a post about Wave's home so hop on over there and see some of her treasures. When you go into her house it's difficult not to walk around with your mouth hanging open. Oh, my gosh! It is amazing. She has the most beautiful collection of all things Scotty. "Frisk me when I leave, Wave! I can't be held accountable!" LOL!!!

Wave also has other dog breed collectibles and I had told her I was interested in this terrier picture if she were to sell it. Yahoo!!!! It's mine!!!

Is this not the cutest picture you have ever seen? It was painted by Sam Fulton and has a gesso frame that looks almost like copper. Just look at those eyes. I like to collect dog items that speak to me and this little fellow certainly did. "Take me home!"

This next little guy is a Sealyham terrier statue. You can tell he's vintage as he has glass eyes.

I think I'll name him Jack! Get it? Glass eyes.....pirates.....Jack Sparrow............ sorry.... he he!!

On another note I was so thoughtfully given an award by Carol over at Charlie and Me

I certainly don't feel deserving of this award. I do love dogs, but Maggie has been such a trial and a difficult puppy that I've had my moments wondering if having a dog was the right thing to do. Thankfully, things are working out better now. A lot of it has to do with the fact that she's getting older (she's almost eight months old). The other fact is that she loves me. We got her for Sweety but it's me she picked. "Mommy, you have to love me!" I think we have all the spots on the carpet we're going to have (cross your fingers) and she hasn't chewed up anything lately. See the fabric request on my side bar. That's a quilt I made. A quilt that now has a hole in it. Need I say more? I'm learning patience and we have a great and encouraging trainer. So Carol, thank you so much for the boost of confidence and reminding me that, yes, I do love my little Maggie!!!

I'm passing this on to some ladies that truly love their dogs:

Nicole at Sisters Choice Quilts who has Ozzie the wonder dog and now also Sophie. Their antics are priceless.

Kim at Daisy Cottage who has her own little Maggie. I've never seen a dog with a more expressive face.

Elizabeth at My Maine Cottage who has two delightful Scotties, Abby and Murdoch. We Scotty people have to stick together. Elizabeth is new to blogland so stop by and say welcome.

Mumzie at Mumzie's Pumpkin patch who has Conner a Scotty and Buddy, a Jack Russell terrier.

Teresa at Honeycomb Cottage who always has a kind word to say and also has a Scottish Terrier, Baxter.

I'd like to also pass this award on to some ladies who don't have blogs. First there is Linda who has Katie the Scottish Terrier. I would love Linda to start a blog.

Next is my sister, Janice. She is an animal lover extraordinaire! She takes in rescue dogs and currently has four or five. Could be six. You never know when you go over to her house how many there will be. They are all small Maltese-like dogs except for the one little chihuahua. She'll take one in on a foster care basis and end up keeping it. Her house is always jumping! Having this many animals at home really curtails your activities and ability to be gone from home on vacations, etc. but she does it willingly. She makes sure that when she works, her job is close enough so she can go home at lunch time and let all the dogs out. Wow! I tip my hat to her. I don't have that kind of patience.

Next is my BFF, Nikki. She also has a rescue dog named Jax. He's a Great Dane! Huge! Jax is her third rescue dog. The first was Digger who was part Dane and part just plain big. I have always threatened to write a book about Digger and all of his antics. I could make a mint - that dog was hilarious. The second was Kellsey who was a purebread Great Dane. Jax has needed lots of love and attention to become more socialized and Nikki has spent hours working with him, giving him all the love and attention he needs. He still is a little skittish around strangers, though. When I go to his house he thinks I'm afraid of him, which I'm not, but if that makes him feel macho I'm ok with it. It takes a special person to take in a Great Dane rescue dog. They have unique medical problems and their life expectancy is only about six years old.

My hats off to Janice and Nikki and any others out there who take in rescue animals!!! Please pass this award on to others who are special people who love their dogs.

On another more somber note, those of you who are in the path of Hurricane Ike, please know that we are lifting you and your friends and family in prayer that you will be safe and your homes will be spared.


Thimbleanna said...

Yipee for the Sealyham! My parents LOVE Sealyhams. They had one for years and my dad just doted on that dog. I hated him 'cause every few months he would attack their other sweetie, a Westie. The first time he did it around me, I was 9 mos. pg and no one was around -- I didn't know what to do so I grabbed him and lifted him up, but he wouldn't let go so the Westie was dangling there too -- he was like a pitt bull or something. He was just as gentle as could be with people and with the Westie most of the time, but once in awhile the demon got the best of him!

Love your doggie antiques -- so adorable! Sorry Maggie has been a trial -- she's adorable too. Maybe she's like Ozzie and needs a playmate??? ;-)

Finn said...

Hello Miss Jean, and welcome to the New Years Eve UFO countdown challenge *VBS* Happy to have you stitching with us. I'll add your name and mumber to my sidebar and be happy to post any "done" you tell me about! Each of us is keeping some sort of track of our progress on our own blogs as well.
I'm so very impressed with all that potentially can be finished up by New Years Eve. Hollar if you get overwhelmed and need the number changed, I'm happy to help. Hugs, Finn

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your treasures that you bought from sweet Wave are just fabulous and her home is that of wonder and sweet treasures! I love the faces on the little guys!

Congrats on your award!


Nicole said...

Oh Miss Jean, you are so sweet! It makes me feel like I am not alone in this world, having mischievious pups to torment me. Honest to goodness, if you could see our family room carpet you would be appalled. Love your terrier goodies!

savvycityfarmer said...

Thank you for checking in on my (new)updates about Don's recovery...I think he looks so handsome and healthy

Enjoy the change of seasons dear friend!

Love your man!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

What a great picture that is. I love it!! I think that doggy is a cutie.

Teresa said...

Hi Jean! I have been working and have not blogged much lately. I mam doing some catch up reading of blogs I love to read. Thank you, for this doggie award, and for the kindness. Without doubt, Baxter is one of my favorite furpeople on the planet, but I certainly love the antics of one beautiful, Miss Maggie.