Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Speed Quilting

I mentioned in a previous post that our local quilting class through Adult Education was being cancelled. I've heard from others that this is happening in your local area as well. It's a sad state of affairs indeed. Unless a miracle happens, Thursday will be our last class. So what do you do when you are faced with this? You get as many quilts quilted as you can.

I spent the last week quilting. For hours. On my feet! Ouch!!! I managed to get these five quilts finished. One is for my sister, one is for a dear friend and three are for myself. From now on I'll have to either quilt my quilts at home on my small machine, send them to a professional or rent space on a long-arm.

Now all I need to do is add the binding, my least favorite part of quilting. (*Added: Making the binding and sewing it down by machine. I don't mind the hand stitching part once you flip it over.) What is your favorite part about quilting? What is your least favorite part? How do you get your quilts quilted? My little inquiring mind wants to know!


fiberdoodles said...

Oh Miss Jean I know just how your feet must feel :0( I rented a longarm for quit sometime and then the sweet little quilt store closed. I went a whole year with unfinished quilts until another sweet soul came along. I have since acquired my own and quilt for others. But it is very difficult when your options are limited. Your quilts look lovely.

I enjoy the binding process and prefer to do it by hand. It is that last final step that brings that project to closer and it is a warm fuzzy for me. My least likeable thing is to pick the color thread to quilt the quilt in. Silly I know but sometimes the quilting will make or break the quilt itself.

Enjoy your day :0)

Linda said...

Hello Miss Jean in the quilt room! I love to do the bindings because I like hand work and it is so relaxing to put the final stitches in a quilt that I have lived with since conception. My favorite part of quilt making is the quilting... I love hand quilting for the same reason I enjoy sewing the binding. Many of my quilts are "in a hurry" so they are machine quilted by me or another. So I guess as the saying goes.."Quilted by hand, or machine, or by check!"

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

WHEW!! You have really been working.

I always add my binding as I'm piecing my quilt. It helps with hand quilting as it gives you an extra edge to hold on to and then when you finish quilting, all you have to do is trim the lining and whip the binding down in place.

ChaChaneen said...

I am not a quilter but I sure appreciate the work of something handmade!!!

Nicole said...

I would love to see each of those quilts all unfolded!
My favorite part of quilting is cutting. I love the anticipation I feel while I am handling all those pieces of fabric. Then organizing all the little pieces in zip lock baggies.
I don't really have an aspect that I don't like, but since I seem to procrastinate getting bindings on, I would have to pick that.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Your quilts look wonderful! My favorite part? Designing least favorite part...math :(
Have a wonderful day :D

Lydia said...

Not being a quilter, it has to be looking at the finished pieces; appreciating all the love which goes into each work of art

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Goodness, gracious, me-oh-my!
Your quilts are fabulous - and I KNOW cause I've had the chance to see them first hand!!!


Since I am new at the quilting thing.....I'd have to say I don't have a least favorite part. Not yet, at least. It is fun from start to finish. If I had to guess what my least fav thing would be, is the hand sewing. Being as I don't like to sit for long (ADHD!), that would have to be it.