Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Love My Dog, However.....

I think all of you know that I love my dog, Maggie. She has turned out to be just a little sweetheart and I cannot imagine life without her.

I love her when she's all grown up and acting like a sophisticated world travelor.

I loved her when she was an adorable little bear of a puppy.

I love her when she's acting like a clown

And I love her when she's acting like a sophisticated little lady.


Maggie has one little idiosyncrasy that I don't like. She does not like to go outside to go potty in the rain. Does not like it at all. As in, won't go outside. "Nope, Mommy! I'm not going out there. I'll get my hair wet!"

I love rainy days. I love them because I can stay inside and snuggle in bed and read or watch a good movie with a cup of tea. Nothing better. But, Maggie is raining on my parade, pardon the pun! So what do I have to do on a rainy day like today? Get out the leash, hook her up, grab the umbrella and take her out front for a walk in the rain so she can sniff the grass and get "inspired". Our first scotty, Marjorie, was the same way. I wonder if it's a Scottish Terrier "thing?"

So, if you are driving around Escalon and it's night time and it's raining and you see some crazy woman in her robe and slippers walking a Scottish Terrier wave when you go by. Yup! That would be me!! What I won't do for my dog!!

Have a wonderful week and if it's raining where you are, stay dry!!


Yvette said...

Ugh! I am glad I am not the only one. I am out there with you but with poodles. LOL!

fiberdoodles said...

Me too. Same here with a stubborn yorkie. Back in the winter I tricked him with a coat. Now I'm thinking a rain slicker is in his near future. Psychological warfare ;0)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

LOL! Well, I don't blame her! I wouldn't want to get my hair wet either!

p.s. I have a wonderful giveaway going on for a Krups Espresso and Coffee machine...come enter!

Unknown said...

Maggie is just a doll and I love to see her in your posts. My dog Carson doesn't LOVE the rain but usually "holds" it unless we are deluged for hours and hours. I laughed at your description of yourself with the umbrella....been there..done that...LOL!!! Happy Fall Ya'll!
PS I posted some cute pics of Carson enjoyed a big stick today...check it out! :)

ChaChaneen said...

How funny! We've noticed since the change in temps and weather, our cat lurves to sleep on our bed instead of the floor now. ha ha

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, if only we could get some rain! It keeps going everywhere around us. Poor little Maggie's Scottish self would be in trouble if she really lived in Scotland LOL.

Oh, and I found my pattern, but I'm absolutely horrified to discover that I don't have your address!

Brenda said...

Maybe a Scottie thing. Our Ladybug is the same. We will be on the way out the door and if we hit rain she tries to turn around and bee line it right back in the house after making so much noise about wanting out. I usually make her stay out and do her thing but sometimes I just don't want to get wet either. Those are the days that I end up at 4 in the morning taking her out because she just cannot wait any longer. Oh and when the grass gets tall and wet in the mornings she tries to hop around and not get her belly wet, but see a frog on the edge in of the pond and she jumps in up to her chest.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Lilly is exactly the same way - and she is afraid of the umbrella too!! Even when I bathe her, she stands in one side of the sink and the water runs in the opposite side - the little princess thinks her feet will melt off if she gets them wet.

Becky said...

It's a dachshund thing, too. Reading your post reminded me that my Rusty still hasn't gone outside. It's raining and we have thunder, too. Guess I'll have to look for my umbrella.

Mumzie said...

It rains a whole bunch in Scotland, so what's with these Scotties? Connor does not have a problems with the rain. But, he does have his favorite places under the trees, just for those rainy days. Cute pics of Maggie! Mumzie

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh yes, it IS a scottie thing for sure! And a girl thing!

LOL - cute post, Jean!
Maggie looks mighty pretty on her perch!


BrendaS said...

That is too funny! I have two Scotties and they will go out in the rain but very very reuluctantly! What is amazing is that they LOVE playing in the hose in the summer but don't like the rain! Go figure!

Cute pictures of your baby!

junquegypsy said...

It really is a girl scottie thing. I have a boy scottie mix that goes out in the rain and then there is my girl scotty. She kills possums but won't go out in the rain. Lifts up her paw and won't touch the ground. I love scotties ~ they are funny little dogs!

Anonymous said...

And you gladly do it

Lallee said...

I have been known to accompany our Scotties in the rain with umbrella too to be sure their deed gets done. Our lab however tromps right out as if he's saying "what rain?", even if it's a downpour.

I hope Maggie's claw heals. Oliver has dew claws, but our others don't. He hates when we have to clip them!