Saturday, February 5, 2011


My nephew passed away nine years ago and is buried up in the foothills at a cemetery with my father. His Mom, my sister Janice, and I try to go up and visit every year on his birthday so we went last week. It was a beautiful, sunny day, just a little chill in the air, blue skies, a few clouds, birds chirping.

For being a cemetery, it's really a lovely, peaceful place to visit. Although we know that Paul and Dad are not really there, we like to go say hi and remember all the good times we had with them. Then we wander around the grounds and look at the headstones, wonder about the ones that are buried there, straighten up pots of flowers that have fallen over, say a little prayer for the families.

Some of the headstones are magnificent, beautiful works of art.

Angels to watch over the children.

A beautiful Celtic cross.

Saints and their precious animals.

Eagles to remind us of God's strength.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

What a beautiful, peaceful place.

Allie said...

Such beautiful pieces of art in remembrance of loved ones.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

my thoughts were of you both yesterday.....PEACE to you and your family on such a day of rememberance...

God bless you all,

Dawn said...

What beautiful memorials.

Oreo said...

Yes, what a beautiful and peaceful place for your loved ones.