Saturday, April 9, 2011


I was over at my sister, Janice's the other day and snapped a couple pictures. She has a beautiful home that is filled with wonderful antiques.

She collects hand mirrors and has them beautifully displayed...... in her hall bathroom! It's one of the prettiest bathrooms I've ever been in!

These are just so pretty.

The brown bottle on the left was made by one of her children in the 70's. Remember when we used to do those? Get a glass bottle and tear little pieces of masking tape and put them all over it. Then use brown shoe polish to make it look like old leather? Boy, that takes me back.

She has also started a nice little collection of vintage children's bowls.

This is a very old iron fireplace surround that is also in her bathroom. The little girl in the picture on the right is our mother.

I'll take more pictures of her home periodically to show you. She has quite a talent for staging little vignettes, although she doesn't think she does. Her home is amazing.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Your sister is an amazing decorator, but then so are you - it must run in the family.


Anonymous said...

Oh you are right Jean- Your sister sure does have the knack for decorating!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- what wonderful collections. And fun too. Thanks for sharing with us Miss Jean!