Monday, August 22, 2011

The Help

Have you read IT? Have you seen IT? I think if anyone asked anyone on the planet that question right now they wouldn't even have to ask what they were talking about. Everyone knows it's all about The Help right now.

I started to read the book when it first came out. But after a nasty run in with our local librarian I was unable to finish it. (I won't go into the gory details. Just suffice it to say that I don't agree with their renewal policies.) At the time I didn't know what a classic, powerful book it was or I would have broken down and purchased it so I could finish it. In fact I think the only reason I even started to read it in the first place was because the main character's name is Skeeter and that's my husband's nick name. We don't call him anything else.

There hasn't been a time in the past two years that I haven't seen it somewhere either on book shelves, book club reader lists or on book review blogs. Then it was announced that it was being made into a movie and I knew that this was something special that I needed to look into.

My clever sister's (see previous post) friend is in town visiting and I suggested that we go see it. All I can say is WOW!!!! When was the last time you were in a theater where there was laughing, crying, clapping and cheering? This movie is not to be missed. Take your daughters, mothers, sisters, friends. Take the men in your life as well. They will love it, too! It is life altering.

After watching the movie, we walked across the street for lunch where we ate outside. While we were there a group of ladies came by, obviously on their way to see the film. They were all dressed in the period from the film, the early sixties. They looked like they were all on their way over to Hilly's house for bridge! I wish I would have run over and taken their pictures. It was adorable!!

I ran down to Target and bought the book as they had it on sale for $10! I'm going to snuggle down and read it soon.

Suffice it to say this book (and the movie) is a true phenomenon. Kathryn Stockett has done an exemplary job. The book should be on every school's must read list. It will go down as a modern classic.

So, what are you waiting for? Go. Go now. Read the book. Go see the movie. Let me know what you think!

One word of warning. When you go see the movie, take kleenex!!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I read the book when it first came out and loved it. Did you know it was her first novel?

And then last week I saw the movie. There was clapping, cheering, laughing and crying in my theater too.

p.s. you are going to really love the book. It goes into more detail than the movie.

Jayne Honnold said...

I've read the book (my book club read it and discussed it several months ago) and will be seeing it this week with them.

Did you hear that Stockett had about 50 or 60 rejection letters on her manuscript before it finally was accepted for publication? That is amazing.

Nicole said...

I know! Wasn't it fabulous? I wish I could have seen the gals all dressed up in their 1960's outfits! How fun.
I listened to the book as an audio cd, then I bought the book and read it because I loved it so much, then I went and saw the movie! I am still not tired of the story or the characters.

Laura said...

I haven't read the book, but saw the movie this past weekend. Absolutly amazing and yes, there was clapping at the end!

Thimbleanna said...

I'm glad you loved it Miss Jean! I loved the book -- the movie is yet to come.

ChaChaneen said...

I rarely go to the movie (Netflix) but I do make exceptions and I already decided this would be a go-to movie! Can't wait! And of course I'll be bringing my hanky ~ ha ha

Unknown said...

I am definitely gonna look this book up. Your enthusiasm is compelling:)

Anonymous said...

Ok, you convinced me. Book AND the movie!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

sounds like a winner! maybe when i get back and things settle down here i will take in a good movie. i sure could use a day to nothing but something enjoyable.

your sunflowers look amazing!


Dawn said...

I almost picked it up recently. I will for sure now after your glowing review!

Anonymous said...

J'ai eu la chance de lire ce livre (traduit en francais) et j ai vraiment beaucoup aimé; Je lai lu en septembre dernier et je venais juste de rentrer d'un séjour a New York alors toujours dans l ambiance des Etats Unis. Jai eu un coup de foudre pour votre pays et pour le livre. Je ne savais qu'un film en serait tiré... vivement qu'il arrive an France
bonne journée
Marie Claude

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Jean,
Gary and I want to see the movie in fact we are going to go this weekend.
I love how your sister created the pot rack, very creative indeed.
Creativeness must run in the family.
How fun it must have been growing up on a farm. I always wanted to live on a farm...
I just finished a baby quilt for my niece and I will dropping it off for quilting tonight after work.
I think my next project is going to be from the Farmers Wife Quilt book.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth