Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Maggie's Spa Day

" Mommy! You're here!!! Save me. Look what they have done to me!! "

"Get me out of here! "

"Oh, the utter humiliation!!! "

"Hold on there, Maggie! I have to pay. You look adorable! "
"Talk to the tail, Mommy! "

"Ok, Mommy! I've been patient enough! Get these off of me!!!!!!!"

(No Scotties were harmed in the making of this post!)


Brenda said...

The Bug just gets a new scarf at the end of her grooming day. It is needing to get cut off at this time she really puts them through a lot before we decide it is time to come off. Ladybug would rather be dirty. Maggie looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh the horror! I love the bows but both Josh and Pippi are not fans.


Thimbleanna said...

But Maggie, you look so CUUUUTTTTEEEE!!!!

Mumzie said...

Poor Miss Maggie....those little pink bows look like the hurt! Sure are cute though. Mumzie

Lallee said...

Maggie, you look adorable. And now Oliver and Buzz would like to pull your bows out for you. They are always willing to offer a helping mouth ;-)