Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Clever Sister

I gave my sister a stack of decorator magazines one day. Shortly thereafter she called and asked if I had seen the pot rack in one of them. She had been wanting to hang a pot rack in her kitchen, but until she gets rid of the fluorescent light box "thingy" she really can't hang a regular one. Do you all know what I mean? A large rectangular box with plastic opaque panels hanging smack dab in the middle of the kitchen over the island? So dated. Anyway, she copied the magazine which is a perfect plan "B"! I actually like it better than her plan "A". Sadly, I don't know which magazine it was from to give credit where credit is due.

She went out and purchased a bronze shower curtain rod and hung it over her sink. She loves antiques, but also dark colors and more eclectic items than I do. Her home has turned out warm and inviting, with treasures everywhere you look.

Is this not the most clever thing you have ever seen? She's had lots of fun going out and finding items to hang from it.

See that old frying pan? That is a frying pan my mom used "out in the country" when we had our farm in the 1950's! Fried pork chops, country gravy, homemade biscuits. Sorry, I digress.....The wood handle is too wobbly to safely use the pan anymore so I gave it to her to christen the pot rack. The potato masher was our grandmother's. Something I also had tucked away. Although I treasured the pan and the masher, it made so much more sense to me to give them to her where they would be utilized rather than hidden.

Other items such as the strainer and the sifter have been found here and there. The dried lavender rounds out the affect along with the meat hooks

Like I said, isn't my sister clever?

*My daughter had an issue with a dated fluorescent light fixture in her kitchen and this is what she did. She took the "box" and the light fixture completely down. It left marks on the ceiling and the area was really too low to hang a fixture so she framed in a recessed rectangle, taping, texturing and painting it. She chose pretty hanging lights that she installed. It turned out great and she did it all herself!!! Proud mama here!!!


ferne said...

That is very clever actually! I have those same lights in my kitchen...not sure how to change them out yet because it would leave a big hole, but since they have fluorescent bulbs in them they will have to be replaced one day soon!

Mumzie said...

Very Clever indeed! It's great she has kept all these wonderful pieces from your childhood. Mumzie

Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like you have a very clever sister AND daughter. That sink idea is pretty darn cool!!!

ChaChaneen said...

It runs in the family! Great idea!

Angie said...

What a fantastic idea!! I'm so glad you shared this with us as I have the same opening above the sink and could be a 'copy cat'. :)