Friday, February 24, 2012


11/21/01 - 2/21/12
Rest in peace, dear Connor. You will be missed.

Please stop on over and give your love and condolences to Yvonne.


Mumzie said...

Jean, I love this picture of him...Thanks for your tribute. I'm still too sad to place anything on my blog. I miss him so much, there's a big whole in our hearts. Buddy too is feeling the loss, perhaps you and Maggie can come visit. Yvonne

Brenda said...

Such a sad day. Our oldest daughter had to have her cat that she got as a kitten while in college put to sleep today. She is so sad. We are waiting for her at this time she is bringing her up to be buried in a little pine area on the edge of our lawn.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a handsome wee one. I am so sorry to read this, Jean.


Linda said...

As a scottie lover and lover of your blog I am very sad for your loss.. he will be a handsome scot going over the rainbow bridge.