Sunday, October 20, 2013

A New Member of Our Family

We have an announcement.  We have added a new member to our family!

That's our Scottie, Maggie on the left and our new Scottie, Mollie, on the right.  We've been wanting to get a new little sibling for Maggie for quite some time.  However, we didn't want to go through the puppy stage again.  Finding an adult Scottie is not that easy.  As it turns out, this past week eight Scotties became available through two different agencies here.

I had put in my name to the Dumb Friend's League, our local rescue animal shelter, for a purebred Scottie a month ago and we got the call Friday night. We went down first thing Saturday to "just look" at her.  I have a tendency to over think things and didn't want to make a hasty decision this time.  The minute we saw her and heard her story we knew we couldn't leave her there.  She started out as a puppy mill dog, was rescued by a family who gave her to another family who only had her for two weeks.  No wonder she's a little skittish and shy!  No animal should have to go through all of that.

I made the mistake of letting her run around our back yard first thing when we got home and boy did I have a time trying to catch her!  I'm learning a few tricks, though.  So far no accidents in the house, which is a good thing.  Her favorite thing to do is to go on walks, so walking we do.  FAST!!!!  She's much better on a leash than Maggie.  Maggie stops and sniffs every single blade of grass.  Mollie is a gal on a mission.  Our first walk today was a long one.  I took her near some traffic so she would start getting used to noises.  The second walk was shorter as it was freezing rain out.  By the time I get her used to us I should be in great shape!

Right now we have part of the house blocked off and she sleeps in a crate.  I'm tired and can't get much done right now as most of the time I sit and hold her.  I don't want her to wander around freely yet.  That, along with trust, will come with a little time and lots of love.

She's very petite, almost half the size of Maggie.  The Dumb Friends League gives everyone that adopts an animal a free checkup at a vet, so I'll be taking her down for that and her rabies shot.  Then we'll head on over to the city offices for her license so she will be street legal.

If you or your family are considering getting a new pet, consider adopting a rescue animal.  Here in Colorado, rescue and shelter animals are our state pet.  People here are passionate about rescuing and placing animals in loving homes.  The Dumb Friends League is a wonderful organization and I thank them for giving us the opportunity to bring Mollie home.

*A note about the Dumb Friends League.  They don't call them "dumb" because they think the animals are stupid.  They call them that because they can't speak for themselves so they need our help.  One of the original founders of the Dumb Friends League was none other than Margaret Brown of Denver.  Better know as The Unsinkable Molly Brown!  Quite fitting, don't you think?


scottylover said...

Congratulations to you all! I hope Maggie and Molly get along just dandy, too! My scottie was a rescue, too. She was "my" dog, but was my hubby's pal. Hope to get another some day!

Sandy A

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What cute pups! My daughter's friend breed Scotties. They are such wonderful dogs!

Dawn said...

So good of you to rescue Mollie! Are she and Maggie getting along?

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how very exciting Miss Jean! I'll bet she'll be acclimated in no time -- and probably rule the house LOL. How has Maggie taken to this new addition? Is she jealous at all? I love the cute names you've chosen!

Stacey said...

Oh how cute! Congratulations for adding a new sweet puppy to your family. I've been trying to convince my husband that it's time for us to get another dog. Our two passed away 3 years ago and we've been dogless. He is not to be convinced though!

Barbara said...

Welcome to your new Mollie! Both of your pups (that's what I call all dogs as a term of endearment) are just as cute as can be!! Mollie is truly blessed by her Creator to be taken into your home!

Lynette said...

Awww - she's pretty! You guys are great taking her in. :)

Stuart said...

Congratulations!! You're all very lucky to have found each other. Lucky indeed.

AroOoo, Stuart

Teresa said...

Oh Jean, she is adorable. This brings back memories of reading about when you brought Maggie home. I am so glad Mollie has her home now and that it is with you. Congratualtions!