Monday, October 28, 2013

Is the Honeymoon Over?

Well, we have had Mollie for a little over a week.  From the pictures below, you might think that the honeymoon is over.

Not in the least.  Our little Mollie has been an incredible joy with some surprising perks.  The previous owners (of two whole weeks) wrote that she was not housebroken.  I guess if you are stuck in a laundry room all day, you might have an accident.  Mollie has not had one accident in our house.  Not one!!!  If I say, "let's go outside" she runs right to the door.  She has even gone to the back door and barked and scratched to be let out.  Getting her back in is another thing but we're working on that.  I put out a couple dog beds and they quickly became her go to places to nap.  She sleeps all night in her crate without a wimper.  We'll have her sleeping with us (and Maggie) on the bed before too long but want to wait a while longer for that.

Like I said, she doesn't like to come back inside when I let her out back.  So in the evening I take her out front on a leash for her potty breaks if it's dark out.  I've already warned the neighbors about seeing me in my jammies and robe walking down the street.  Just look the other way, people!

Mollie is gaining confidence with playing with Maggie.  Maggie means no harm but likes to play rough.  Yesterday, Mollie actually was giving it back to Maggie and they were chasing each other around the house.  She loves playing with toys as you can see below.  I keep the toys all in a pile and she quickly gets them all out again.

I took her into the vet's on Friday for her rabies vaccination and she was declared perfectly healthy in every way.  She was very sociable with the other dogs so she is not as timid any more.  She still shirks away if I put my hand out to pet her which makes me think she might have been abused.  Lots of love and hugs should take care of that.  She even loves to take naps with me in the afternoon, curling up beside me.  Sweet!

The only problem we have with her is her barking.  I have had to apologize to the neighbors with the guarantee we will work on it.  They have been so nice and understanding.  The gal on one side said not to worry about it as did the neighbors on the other side.  They are new to the neighborhood and immediately had gone down and gotten a rescue dog themselves, so they understand what all it entails.

Today I am going down to our local city offices to get Mollie's tags so she will be street legal.  She has fit right in and made herself an instant part of our family.  I highly recommend getting a rescue dog and hopefully you will have as good a luck as we have.

I mentioned above that there was a surprising perk  I periodically suffer from insomnia.  I'll stay awake untill four or five in the morning and then only sleep about four hours.  It's exhausting and it has made me miss meetings and appointments as I'm too tired to drive, not to mention it's not safe.  Since getting Mollie I have been so much busier chasing after her, taking her for walks, picking up after her and all the other things that having a new dog entails that I am ready for bed by ten at night!

Besides the city offices I think I better stop and get some new slippers - and then figure out a place to hide them!  I'll try to get some more pictures of Mollie soon - if she ever holds still long enough to have one taken!

Have a wonderful week!


Nicole said...

Congratulations on the new member of your family! It sounds as if things are going so well.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how wonderful Miss Jean -- I'm so happy to hear that it's working out. Poor little Mollie -- it makes you wonder what kind of life she had before you. She's so lucky and it sounds like she knows it -- she's loving your shoes to prove it to you!!!

Barbara said...

Jean, what a delightful post this is! We have had 5 dogs over the years of our marriage, most recently 2 Cocker Spaniels. They are now (all 5) in the Happy Hunting Grounds and we have to be done with that stage of our lives. But we do enjoy the pets of others and your blog posts about Mollie and Maggie are most enjoyable!!