Monday, November 18, 2013


Winter is still a month away which means it's fall - as in FALLING LEAVES!

We have three willow trees on our property.  One in the front and two in the back.  I'm not sure what type of willow they are, they are not the weeping type, just the messy, dropping leaves and branches type.  Huge branches drop all the time, especially from the one on the side yard.  It's usually not the dead branches (there are many of those) but live green ones.  I know if we have had any sort of wind, I need to go pick them up.  I do not recommend this tree at all!  They are not pretty like the weeping willow.  They have no redeeming qualities, just too many falling leaves, surface roots and a tendency for the branches to break and fall.  I supposed I could have them taken out but they are so large the cost would be prohibitive.  I've already apologized to the new neighbors about the messy tree next to our common fence.  It was hear before I got here and there's nothing I can do.

 My neighbor cleaned out my gutters (God Bless Him!) and I know they are full again.  He said he'd come back in a couple weeks and do it again.  For some reason he doesn't want me standing on the very top of our ladder to do it myself!

November is supposed to be one of the snowiest months here.  We've only had about a half day so far.  I have to get all the leaves up off the yard before it does rain or snow so it doesn't smother the grass.  Yesterday I blew and raked the front yard.  We live on the end of a court with a third acre lot.  The front yard is really small.  I did our front yard and the tiny side yard of our neighbor (the least I could do) and the combined tiny side yard on the other side.  SIX GARBAGE CANS OF LEAVES PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Today I'm starting on the back.  Wish me luck!  

Now for a reality check.  It's a beautiful, warm and sunny day and it will be lovely outside.  My prayers go out to all those in the midwest affected by the tornadoes.  I'm from Michigan and I don't remember tornadoes in November.

I hope you all have a great and safe week ahead!


Thimbleanna said...

Fall yardwork is never ending! It sounds like you're busy and working hard. Just think -- that's what keeps you young LOL!!!

Nicole said...

That is a lot of leaves! We have been slogging away at raking ours up too.