Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're Off

My Sweety and I are getting ready to take the grandson's, ages six and nine, on vacation. We watch them two days a week during the summer. They are signed up for classes, taken to movies, and generally kept busy doing things that parents can't do while they are working. This week we are headed for the coast and taking them to Monterey, California. The main purpose is to visit the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. We have other things planned and I'm sure I'll have some great pictures and stories to share when we return.

In the meantime I have been given not one, but two awards! All I can say is wow! Carol at Charli and Me has bestowed upon me the Just Plain Fun to Read award. What a great award! The other award comes from Terrie at Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity. Terrie has given me the Brilliante Weblog Award. Double wow for this one!! What can I say? I am really "floored" by this one. I have no agenda to be brilliant, or creative, or anything else, really. I just love being able to share, in some small way, my little life and the things and people that surround me.

I'm passing these awards on to all of you bloggers out there that are on my links, that I have visited, and the many blogs I have bookmarked but haven't had the time to link yet. There are hundreds! What would I do without you, dear friends? You make my days a little brighter, you add humor to my life, you give me inspiration and you astound me with your kindness and creativity. I feel so very fortunate to be part of this wonderful blogging community. Thank you so much Carol and Terrie. I'm doubly humbled.

I'll be gone for the next week and I will miss you all.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Jean, enjoy each day that you have with those darling grandsons! You and Mr. In The Garden are going to have such fun!

Lovely awards and so very deserving!! Enjoy, enjoy!!

Let me know what I can do to help with the margins. Infact, I will just give you a little phone call right now.

Becky and The Doogs

Lallee said...

This sounds like a wonderful get-away. I hope it's a great time with the grands!

AudreyO said...

I found you from the quilt giveaway site. I'm down in Santa Barbara. My daughter and I are going up to the aquarium early next month. I've not been there since right around the time they opened and we waited in line for at least hour to get a ticket. Hope you have an awesome week.

ThisleRose said...

Have a most wonderful vacation with your family and congrats on your "fun to read award" I certainly agree that your blog is deserving of that award!

Will Maggie get to join in the festivities?

Vanessa said...

Hope you have a lovely holiday. I look forward to seeing photos on your blog when you return!

Teresa said...

I realize you have this, but... well read my post, I just wanted to give it to you.

I have an award for you. Please come over and see.

Heidi said...

Well, you are already gone and back by the time you read this Jean but I hope you all had a fabulous time!

Hugs ~

Linda said...

Hi Jean...have a grand time, see you when you return.

Congrats to you on both of these great derserve them. Hugs, Linda

Nancy Jane said...

Hi Miss Jean- Have loved cruising your blog and I love your fur baby. Am jealous that you get to take the grandkids on vacation, although hopefully ours will be coming in next month. If you get the chance, please stop in for a visit. I'm out of pie, but have a story posted. Enjoy your holiday.